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A rating point refers to the number of people that a specific communication medium reaches. It is measured as a total percentage rather than a specific number. A rating point is used to determine the popularity of a show on a network; the rating point is calculated through an electronic device that is attached in some viewer’s houses and the numbers collected represent a sample population. The rating point of a show is calculated based on how frequently a person watches it and on which day he watches it. The rating point is mathematically calculated by multiplying the reach and frequency of program; the rating point may also refer to the total of all rating points of many shows over a certain time period of a particular media plan.

The acronym trp means target rating point, it is also used to refer to television rating point. Target rating point or trp means the points that determine the response rate received from a specific target audience towards a message that has been delivered by some medium. Target point rating is used as a trp means to calculate how popular a show is with a specific audience, hence the term target. The term trp means how well a particular part of the total audience reacts to a show. Advertisers use trp means to figure out which show is most popular and place the advertisements created by them on those shows. At present there are two main methods that show how to measure television trp viewership.

Numerous methods are used to show how to measure television trp viewership; the first method involves monitoring the frequency. This is done by installing ‘People Meters’ in certain viewers homes, a People Meter is an electronic gadget that gathers information by recording data; this data is the number of channels that are being watched and how often they are being watched. This method often delivers unreliable information as cable operators may change the frequencies of many channels before they reach the viewers homes. Another method that shows how to measure television trp viewership is by installing a different type of People Meter which records pictures. This people meter actually records a certain amount of pictures of the channel that is being viewed. This is a relatively new way to determine the TRP of a channel. These pictures are ten recorded and matched with the remaining data to determine the name of the channel; this in turn creates a rating. A more traditional method that shows how to measure television trp viewership is through the distribution of a diary to the sample homes, where the viewers simply note down what programs they watch, when and how frequently they watch it. The results acquired from the methods that show us how to measure television trp viewership are collected and analyzed by the AGB Group, AC Nelson and Gallup. These three companies are the international leaders in TRP ratings. In India, INTAM and DoorDarshan are the two main agencies that utilize ratings that are acquired through methods that show how to measure television trp viewership.