The Art of Looking Out for Happiness Lies Within Yourself

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Happiness Lies Within You

Everything you work for, everything you seek; all rounds up to one ultimate emotion – happiness. Earning money because you want to fulfill your and your family’s needs leads to happiness just like achieving a goal leads to self-fulfillment. Happiness acquired through money are indirect materialistic needs which bring about happiness only till you have received the need or demand. There are many people even after having years of experience or expertise fail to realise the true value of love and happiness. There are many who refrain themselves from happiness intentionally and unintentionally. Happiness is something every person is seeking for in the fast paced 21st century. However, most of us get so engrossed in trying to find happiness in the materialistic things around us and our goals that we completely ignore the little things that matter. Happiness doesn’t lie in the grand achievements always. Sometimes, happiness is found in the art of giving. Giving selflessly brings about immense joy and that is one of the most supreme feeling of happiness.

Have you wondered why your day instantly becomes when you smile at someone genuinely and they smile back, without your conscious knowledge? It is because for that moment in your life, you made someone happy, which in turn made you happy. Happiness is the good kind of vicious circle – you get as much as you give, probably more. When you look around yourself, look out for beauty and admiration in little things such as a flower that bloomed in your balcony, or your favorite breakfast that your loved one prepared, or the shabby drawing your child made of your family and the way your dog is sad when you’re leaving from home. All these things have become so normal to you that you unconsciously take it for granted and do not find joy in these things anymore. People fail to realise the beautiful things which happen right in front of you on a daily basis which can actually bring endless joys and fill your days with umpteen happiness. Your dog wagging his tail each time you come back home, your parents who prepare warm meal for you when you come home, the rains and the cold winds which blow with it, the blooming flowers during the spring are all little joys which very often go unnoticed and unadmired.

As a popular saying goes “Stop and smell roses along the way”, it is time that you take notice of the little things in your life that bring you happiness while you strive to reach your personal goals. After all, the art of looking out for happiness is nothing but realizing the things that matter the most. During the last phase of your life you are not going to count how much money you earned instead you are going to count the number of people who contributed in making your life a happy and a blissful one. Life is all about giving and receiving and if it so then why waste it running behind materialistic and short lived joys, instead lets hope for making life more meaningful and joyous by giving out and receiving more of love, peace and happiness.