The Truth is Revealed, Ghosts are Real

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Are Ghosts Real? The Truth Behind Ghosts

The debate over whether ghosts are real is a lot like debating over whether black holes exist or not. In other words, just because science cannot prove that ghosts exist does not necessarily mean that they don’t. Many cultures across the world believe in ghosts. However, the definition of ghosts varies from culture to culture. Some believe that ghosts are spirits of the dead who got lost on their way to the other side, while some believe that ghosts are our ancestral souls looking over us. Studies also state that there are two kinds of ghosts, one a good one or the harmless one while the other creates negativity in your life. Some also believe that ghosts are nothing but a projection of our telepathic entities.

Whether ghosts truly exist is a matter completely of belief as of now. Science has not been able to prove or deny the existence of ghosts. However, the fact that they are trying to prove that ghosts exist is evidence enough to state that ghosts indeed exist. There are numerous people who have experienced the chills of ghosts and paranormal activities in the most unexpected places and situations. Besides, there have been numerous photographs from around the world that show ghostly figures in them. While some pictures have been proved to fake and created on Photoshop, many such pictures have unexplained evidence of ghostly figures. It is also believed that Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, i.e. parallel existence, may be true.

There are a large number of reasons to believe or not to believe on the existence of ghosts. Ghosts are those beings who are intangible and someone who cannot be proved easily. This kind of an experience is nearly impossible to or rather a difficult task for many people to believe or even to convince them of such an existence. There are many who get possessed by spirits and eventually are no more. Also, there are many who in their lifetime never come across ghosts. However, we can only assume that the ones who do not come across are rather luckier in comparison to the lot of people who actually did.

Thus, what we believe to be ghosts may not be ghosts actually but people living in a difference dimension than us. Quantum physicists also believe that ‘souls’ are simply the quantum processing that takes place in our brains. Thus, when the brain dies, the soul is released into the outer world. This theory supports the belief that ghosts are mentally projected entities. Another theory suggests that ghosts are not lost souls but a recording of a tragedy that might have taken place in that area. This recording plays on an infinite loop and although the ghosts are not scary, they definitely are very spooky. This phenomenon is referred to as ‘residual hauntings’.

There are infinite theories and debates over the existence of ghosts in reality. However, no scientist has been able to produce any concrete evidence to prove the existence of ghosts or even the lack of it. It is true that spooky things take place around the world. It is also true that some of these occurrences can be explained by physics and other sciences. However, the question whether ghosts exist remains unanswered, although popular belief suggests that they do.