Things to Avoid During Pregnancy that Cause Miscarriage

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List of Foods and Beverages to Avoid During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant you have to take care of yourself as well as your baby. And this is one of the most sensitive periods of anyone’s life when she is having one more life with her.

There is some food item which needs to be avoided while being pregnant to prevent any kind of risk regarding miscarriage. And these foods are really very harmful to the body of a mother and the baby also. So here we have given five of some foods which should be avoided by you if you are pregnant.

1. Undercooked Fish:
When you are pregnant you should not eat anything undercooked or raw. Raw fishes are very much in factitious for your baby as these contain some viruses and bacteria which can create some serious health problem in you. When someone is pregnant then day have that tendency to be affected very easily by some products and also the baby can take up the infection very easily.

The viruses present in undercooked fish can go through the Placenta and harm your baby very badly. So you have to avoid eating raw fish when you are pregnant.

2. Caffeine:
The caffeine is an element which is considered as the psychoactive substance and obtained mostly in coffee and that kind of beverages. But this caption is harmful to your body if you are pregnant.

If you consume too much caffeine, for example, more than 200 milligrams a day then you have the risk to lose your baby to miscarriage. Because caffeine is a material which can be absorbed very easily and it goes through the placenta.

And it is not at all good for your baby. Caffeine can cause your baby to be underweight or some chronic diseases like heart disease or type 2 diabetes can happen too.

3. Sprouts:
If a pregnant woman eats raw sprouts then and she can be infected with the Salmonella virus. This virus is very harmful to our body and if a pregnant woman eats this she can have very severe digestion problem which can lead to miscarriage.

And it is also very bad for your baby because it can cause a chronic problem in bubble movement of your baby and that can be even more dangerous. So each and every pregnant woman should consume only cooked sprout.

4. Packaged Fruit Juices:
A pregnant woman should not drink packaged fruit juices because these have some preservatives which are made of some harmful bacteria which can go through the Placenta very easily and harm the baby. And if someone has it on a regular basis it can lead to the miscarriage.

5. Alcohol:
Alcohol is a big no-no while being pregnant for anyone. Even a very small amount of alcohol can cause a very e bad impact on the brain development of the baby.

There are so many infections which can be to your baby if you have alcohol while being pregnant for example stillbirth, foetal alcohol syndrome etc. So it is not at all safe for a would-be mother.