Things To Do on the Peninsula This Weekend

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Fun Things To Do This Weekend On The Peninsula

Every person knows that you visit Melbourne to come down like a newly crowned king, swill in different flavors of booze combinations that you might have never tried before and shop like the Kardashians. Now, as half of the Sydney is moving towards Sydney for the weekend, it looks to be the emerging party capital of Australia, with every bar and pub bursting to capacity in the Friday afternoon.

If you just want to do something other than drinking, eating and making merry, then a visit to the Peninsula is in order. You just need to hire a car, out on your party shoes and you are good to go.

If you have more time to stay, make sure to atleast spend 2. 3 days here. The Peninsula has a different charm coming with it. Everywhere you’ll get to see the treasured moments and memories – the roads filled with the lush trees, beaches filled with unexpected surprises and a mug of hot chocolate in the stormy weather.

It’s relaxing as well as romantic and if you leave on this tour out of the itinerary and get on the famous trip to Peninsula, it could be the rejuvenating experience for you.

You can even enjoy the little adventurous time here. Summer might get over but if you are planning to take a visit to this heavenly place, your day will be spent well by cliff jumping, which seems to be the latest trend of the region.

Read below to find out about the best hanging spots to get yourself in the sea, and various other things in the Peninsula.

1. Get a tour to wineries. Create your customized winery tour to Peninsula, you just need to get a designated driver with you.

2. Explore the iconic boxes on the beach which are on the coastal line of Peninsula.

3. Take a dive or swim in nature’s perfect plunge pool from the top of Blairgowrie Jumping Roc at the Bridgewater Bay.

4. Aren’t you a vino fan? Doesn’t matter if you are not. Peninsula or Red Hill Brewery would get you started.

5. Get yourself treated at the Hit Springs of Peninsula which is also Australia’s first spring. If you don’t like bathing then there are various other spas from which you can decide.

6. Grab some chips and fish from Fish Fetish available at Sorrento Beach and enjoy the afternoon picnic in front of the beach.

7. Just go for the long drive, yes, you heard that right. Stop only when you are hungry and want to eat something. If you don’t want to just go anywhere, you can even plan according to Google Maps.

8. The back beach of Sorrento is amazing to watch. You’ll even get to explore various mermaid moments here.

9. If you can’t get to the Ocean Road, then at least make sure to watch one of Victoria’s London Bridges.

10. In the months of summer, which is from October to April, swim with dolphins and seals in the water of Peninsula.

Hope you enjoy your trip to the Peninsula. Have fun!