Tips and Home Remedies To Get Pink Lips in Hindi

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How to Make Lips Pink Naturally at Home in Hindi

Home Remedies for Pink Lips in Hindi:

To maintain skin health, one must take a very good care of one’s lips and we all know, we need pink lips. No one wants to have dull and chapped lips. So here we have home remedies through which you can easily get pink lips at home:

  • Homemade Scrub: Making a scrub at your home for your lips would be an excellent idea. You can make scrub using natural ingredients such as sugar, honey, coconut oil etc.
  • No Alcohol: Drinking excess amount of alcohol might get your lips into bad shape. Hence you need to stop such harmful habits including smoking as well as drinking.
  • More Water: By drinking more water, you can easily keep your lips well-hydrated. You can keep a water bottle with you and keep drinking sip by sip in smaller amounts.
  • Don’t Bite: Some people have a bad habit of biting their own lips throughout the day. Biting your lips will make them dull, so you need to stop that.
  • Rose Petals: Apply crushed rose petals on your lips regularly and soon they will be rosy lips, with regular usage of course. You can also add other natural ingredients like honey, raw milk etc. in it.