Tips For Diabetes Treatment in Hindi

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Natural Ayurvedic Homemade Treatment for Diabetes in Hindi

Home Remedies for Diabetes in Hindi:

Not only for older people but also for youngsters, Diabetes has become one of the most common health issues. And hence here we are offering home remedies to treat diabetes at home. Read below, home remedies to treat diabetes at home, naturally:

  • Basil Leaves: They can alleviate high blood sugar levels without affecting your overall health. It is due to the powerhouse antioxidants present in Basil Leaves.
  • Bitter Gourd: It contains a chemical named Charanthin. It helps lowering blood glucose level on regular consumption. Hence it would be beneficial for your body.
  • Fenugreek: Nutrients along with dietary fiber present in Fenugreek helps in controlling high glucose levels in our body. Also, it will help multiple organs to absorb sugar properly.
  • Black Plum: Ellagic acid, Anthocyanins, Hydrolyzable tannins are antioxidant present in Black Plum. They help greatly for those who are diabetics.
  • Guava: Guava contains lots of Vitamin C which help in maintaining sugar levels. It also supports metabolism through high fiber content.