Tips To Cure Ant Bites

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How to Cure Ant Bites Naturally

Home Remedies to Cure Ant Bites:

Ant bites, especially from Fire ants can be extremely painful and might result into severe condition including itching, swelling and more. Here we have some of the effective home remedies to cure ant bites:

  • Ice: Rubbing an ice cube would be an excellent first aid to get relief from ant bites. Take an ice cube and rub it over the affected skin surface. It will work as the anti-histamine solution against ant bites.
  • Alcohol: Specifically alcohol or any other drinks having alcohol content in it will help to cure ant bites. Apply a few drops of the drink over the affected skin and get rid of itching and swelling.
  • Tea Bags: Due to the anti-inflammatory effects of tea-bags they will surely help to alleviate swelling and itching sensations on the skin.
  • Honey: Other than soothing and shining skin, honey also helps to get relief in ant bites. Apply honey directly over the affected skin and you will be relieved.
  • Salt: Mix salt with some water and apply the mixture over the itching skin. Rub the paste and rinse off with water after a few minutes.