Tips To Gain Weight in Hindi

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How to Gain Weight Fast in Hindi

Home Remedies to Gain Weight in Hindi:

In order to gain weight, healthily, one must follow a healthy diet consisting of home-made or natural food items. Here we have a list of foods which will help you to gain weight, easily.

  • Peanut: Due to a high-calorie content of peanut butter, it will help increase weight. There are plenty of ways to eat peanut butter with lots of foods, starting with bread.
  • Potatoes: Potatoes contains lots of carbohydrates in them. Consuming potatoes on regular basis will help you to gain weight.
  • Banana: Most people do not know that bananas are full of calories. They will help in gaining weight faster, with regular consumption.
  • Clarified Butter: You can make various recipes which includes clarified butter in it. Also consuming one tablespoon of clarified butter on empty stomach will also help to gain weight.
  • Afternoon Nap: After lunch, consider taking a nap regularly. Along with the above-mentioned foods consumed regularly, sound sleep is also essential.