Tips To Get Thick Hair at Home in Hindi

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How to Get Thicker Hair Naturally Fast at Home in Hindi

Home Remedies for Thick and Shiny Hair in Hindi:

Several changes in your foods and usage of several ingredients present at your home can lead you towards thick and shiny hair, easily. To prevent hair loss and breakage of hair, here we present to you home remedies to get thick hair:

  • Eggs: Being high in Protein, eggs help to get strong and healthy hair. You need to apply eggs in your hair, especially in the scalp. Do this regularly for a few weeks, twice a week and get amazing results.
  • Olive Oil: This oil is an amazing source of omega 3 fatty acids and offers surprising results. Whenever you get time, apply olive oil in your hair and massage gently. You will notice the difference in a few weeks.
  • Orange Puree: Being an excellent source of Vitamin C and pectin, orange helps in a great way. You can use orange puree as a conditioner after washing your hair with regular shampoo.
  • Avocado: Avocado happens to be the source of Vitamin E and works as a moisturizer. For that, you need to mix the avocado pulp with olive oil and apply in your hair.
  • Castor Oil: Castor oil contains various helpful nutrients in it. They are Vitamin E and fatty acids. They help in getting strong and healthy hair, with regular usage of course.