Tips to Reduce and Prevent Hair Fall in Monsoon Season

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Natural Hair Care Tips to Stop Hair Fall during Rainy Season

Everybody waits for monsoon after the long and terrible heat of summer. But, rainwater damages hair a great deal. As rainy season contains maximum humidity, hair doesn’t get a chance to be dry. That is why it becomes brittle and lifeless. Again, due to the wet weather, there is a high chance of fungal infection on the scalp. This infection enfeebles hair roots and accelerates hair fall. The below-mentioned tips are truly effective to reduce and prevent hair loss in monsoon season.

1. Using a mild shampoo on a regular basis is the best way to keep the scalp and hair clean. It reduces the chance of bacterial and fungal infection. This is especially applicable to those who work outdoors. They should eliminate the pollutants immediately by having a shower on returning home.

2. Holistic diet plays a crucial role in reducing and preventing hair loss in the rainy season. Junk food like chips, burger, fries and sugary items are always bad for health. These foods hamper the internal metabolic system of the body and necessary nutrients are not supplied by junk food. Gradually the hair becomes thin. So stop eating these oily foods not just in rainy season but always.

3. As rainwater has a bad effect on hair, hair should not be exposed to rain. But in monsoon season, there is drizzling throughout the day. So the people who go outside must use an umbrella or raincoat covering the head for avoiding rainwater.

4. Though the entire atmosphere is humid in monsoon, the feeling of thirst is minimal compared to summer. In spite of that, adequate amount of water must be taken to detoxify the body and to avoid dehydration in this season because in monsoon, the tendency to sweat is high.

5. In rainy season, diarrhea and various stomach disorders are common. So, nutritious homemade and light food should be consumed to avoid such waterborne diseases because the absence of essential nutrients accelerates the hair fall in addition to these diseases.

6. Mash banana and mix with 2 tsp of honey. Apply it on scalp and hair and wash after a few minutes to nourish your hair.

7. To condition your hair, massage your scalp and hair using olive oil or coconut oil. Alternatively massage with 2-3 tbsp of mayonnaise.

8. Boil 2-3 tbsp of fenugreek seeds in 100 ml of coconut oil or mustard oil. Massage your scalp and hair regularly with it to reduce and prevent hair fall in monsoon season.