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The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF is an internationally recognized set of guidelines that help organizations to manage their software technology. It basically has four levels, Data, Business, Technology and Application. Business needs good enterprise architecture in order to be able to survive in a competitive world. With TOAGF, you have an indispensable set of tools that can help you to develop the ideal enterprise architecture. TOGAF certification is an official degree that states that you are qualified as an expert in this field and you can apply thin certification to a host of uses. TOGAF certification teaches you how to use this software management tool to optimize efficiency; it can also help you get a job in companies that use TOGAF in daily operations. People with a TOGAF certification are considered as well trained software architects by many companies. Experts with a TOGAF certification can enhance you architectural process and its level of productivity. There are two ways to get TOGAF certification, you can sit for the qualification exam or you can apply for training through a course. A TOGAF certification is a great investment in your career as a software architect.

TOGAF training is needed, as Enterprise Architecture is a very specialized field. With TOGAF training, you will be able to optimize how companies incorporate IT in their processes. After you have completed your TOGAF training, you can apply for work for manufacturers, banks, retailers or an Enterprise Architecture consultant. This degree is seen by many as a way to develop your career or career prospects, the main objective of TOGAF training is to develop and enhance the skills of those people who work extensively with architecture service and tools. Having TOGAF training as part of your qualification shows that you have a certain dedication to enterprise architecture as a management discipline. It is an obvious sign that you have thorough knowledge of TOGAF, what it entails and how to apply it to various applications.

You need to apply for a TOGAF course at an accredited TOGAF training center, the course will show you how to understand and use TOGAF in various applications. Any TOGAF course will have two modules, the fists one is the TOIGAF Foundation, this teaches you the conformance requirements use at level one. The other module is the TOGAF Applied; this covers the TOGAF conformance requirements. The average cost of the TOGAF course is around US$340, this price will vary depending upon what version you plan to train in, the country where you live and where you apply for training. This price is surprisingly reasonable considering the value that this certification can add to your resume. TOGAF 9 is the latest version of the software and that approximate price of this TOGAF course is around US $400. There are over 2000 candidates who apply for training at a TOGAF course, applicants can either apply independently or companies can arrange for special TOGAF course sessions to train their employees