Top 10 Accessories You Can Make from Worn Out Clothes

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Top 10 Tips to Make Home Accessories from Unwanted and Worn Out Clothes

We all reach a time in the year when we want to shop for new clothes but our wardrobes are so full of old ones that we aren’t ready to get rid of. Some clothes have memories attached to them whereas some are just plain favorite but no longer wearable. Our hearts break when we come to think of disposing off these pieces of precious clothing. Now we get caught in dilemma because we need new clothes but have no space to keep then since the old ones occupy all the space. Thus, to make it easier for you all clothes-loving people out there, here are top 10 tips that you can use to make lovely home accessories from old, worn out and unwanted clothes.

1. Snip an old t-shirt here and there and stitch it up rightly to make a grocery bag. All you need to do is determine what size of grocery bag you usually require. After deciding that you join the sleeves and opening of the shirt to make it a regular carry bag. This way you don’t just bring old items to use but also bring about some relief from plastic to the environment.

2. Use your old, ragged and worn out sweater to make a comfortable pillow. Just cut of the sleeves, fold the torso in a neat square and stitch it up. You can do the same by joining two or three old sweaters too. The bigger it gets the better it is!

3. If you have an extra old sweater that you love but you don’t wear anymore, cut out appropriate shapes from it and stitch them to make cute little hand mittens. Trust us, it works amazingly well.

4. Take a bunch of colorful old tees and snip them like confetti. Take a rug mat and stitch the tee-confetti on it to make a colorful and creative rug. This rug can be used for several uses and is pretty much long lasting.

5. Make a lovely comfortable quilt out of those comfortable baby clothes. Baby clothes are soft and cuddable. Collect all the possible baby clothes and gift yourself a homemade quilt to feel warm and cozy during the cool seasons.

6. Save up the tags from your clothes and stitch them neatly onto a plain white pillow cover. You instantly have a chic, stylized and branded pillow cover, made all by yourself.

7. Wash your old sweater in a washing machine with hot water, which will felt the wool. Cut your desirable shapes in the felted wool and slip in a flower vase in the sweater after it is stitched. You now have a beautiful cover to your flower vases.

8. Old t-shirts can be used to make brand new chair cushion covers or a cover for the coffee table.

9. Unusually fancy, you can hand one or more of your old colorful or plain white shirts over a light to make for an adorable lamp in the room.

10. You love your pet and you definitely want it to have a comfortable bed, don’t you? Use your softest old clothes to make a patchwork pillow for your pet best friend.