Top 10 Best Foods to Eat During Monsoon

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10 Healthiest Foods We Should Eat in Rainy Season

Monsoon – the season during which the weather is pleasant, lovely and grey, our taste buds are more demanding than ever. At the same time, our bodies are more vulnerable to illnesses and infections during monsoon because of the lowered immunity. Thus, we are more prone to fall sick in this season than in any other. And falling sick is definitely not an option It is utmost important to take care of what we eat in this season, to avoid falling sick, but also to satisfy the buds. Listed here are top 10 best foods to eat during monsoons:

1. Tea – Especially the herbal ones, tea replenishes the body’s immunity system and helps against various infections. Also, the warm, ginger and cinnamon tea gives a soothing feeling to the throat in the windy and rainy weather.

2. Pakoras – The famous Indian dish – pakoras – are rightly popular during monsoon. The mouth-watering dish is everyone’s favorite when the skies turn grey and rains come pouring down. It has a lot of variety to – potato, banana, spinach, onions, chilly and even bread. All of these make for a perfect snack during monsoon.

3. Soups – While it is pouring outside and you’re in the safety of your house, there is no better choice for a warm drink than soup. It is filling, healthy and nutritious. Vegetable soups made at home also include spices that strengthen the immune system.

4. Samosas – Although it is fattening because it is stuffed with potato filling and it is fried, samosas are every man’s food during rains. The triangle delicacy, served with sweet date and also spicy green chutney is a treat to each and every one.

5. Kachoris – Rainy season triggers the taste buds to crave a lot of fried food. Kachoris is another delicacy that serve fit for the lovely weather. Nice, round, stuffed and fried kachoris are delicious when served warm.

6. Ginger – Make use of ginger in your meals and tea. Ginger is known to have remedial effects on common cold, sore throat and also weak immune systems. Make a paste of ginger, salt and chilly ready to be used in meals or in sandwiches.

7. Dry Foods – Consider consuming dry foods in monsoon rather than watery meals. This is because dry foods watery foods comes with a risk of contracting fungal infection and may cause bloating. Dry foods include oats, corn, wheat, barley, etc.

8. Fruits – Fresh papaya, plums, guava and peaches are the seasonal fruits found in monsoon. They are sweet, nutritious and healthy. They also help in strengthening the immune system.

9. Yogurt – Yogurt works wonders for the digestive system during monsoon. Include yogurt in your meals or have flavored yogurt while enjoying the rains.

10. Eggs – As long as the shell of the egg is clean and intact, eggs are also healthy and yummy in the rainy season, especially egg yolk. Omelets, egg-bhurji, egg-paratha, and anda-pav are the favorite Indian egg delicacies during monsoon.