Top 10 Foods High in Fiber for Toddlers

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Best 10 Foods Rich in Fiber for Toddlers

Kids need more fibre than us every day. Because fibre content is really very important for the good health of them. So they always need some good food which has a lot of fibre in it. We have the top 10 list of good food items which has a lot of fibre in it which will be really helpful for the toddlers. Because toddlers fibre every day and it is really very necessary for just to know what are the good food items which day can give to their child to make them have sufficient fibre in their body.

1. Oatmeal:
If you can give your baby a bowl of nicely made oatmeal then your baby can have a lot of fibre in it. Because each cup of oatmeal contains 4 grams of fibre. And you can always make it even tastier by adding some maple syrup or raisins with it.

2. Apples:
We all know if you eat one Apple a day, it can keep the doctor away. And it is true for your baby also because apples contain a lot of fibre in it which can be served to your baby for his/her own good.

3. Popcorn:
Does your baby always ask for popcorn when you all go for a movie with the whole family? Just give him/her that because it has a lot of fibre in it which is really very good for your toddler.

4. Carrots:
Carrot is a vegetable and obviously, it has a lot of fibres. But the baby is generally don’t like vegetables much but if you can make it tastier by baking it with a Pinch of cinnamon in it then it can be really very likeable to your baby.

5. Bananas:
We all know that Banana is a kind of energy powerhouse for everyone but it has a good amount of fibre in 8 which can make a very nice snack in the afternoon for your baby.

6. Bread:
Whole grain bread is really very good food item which has a lot of fibre in it and you can always make a nice Sandwich to your baby or even add some jam to it to make it tastier.

7. Berries:
Berries are really very good in taste and also it has a lot of fibre for your baby. It has a good amount of fibre in it even in a single cup.

8. Pasta:
Pasta is liked by all the children we know and sometimes we don’t know that pasta has a lot of fibre in it. And if it is whole grain macaroni pasta which is made at home then the nutrients are even more in it.

9. Pears:
Pears are really very famous to be full of fibre in it and if you can manage your kid to eat a pear a day then and your kid will get a lot of fibre for the good health of his/her.

10. Sweet Potato:
Baked sweet potatoes are really very famous because of its taste but they also contain some good amount of fibre which can make you healthier than ever before.