Top 10 Foods with High Energy Density

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Top 10 High Energy Dense Foods

We all feel tired at some point during a very busy day and this is because of the lack of energy which can be removed by adding some food in our habit with high energy density. These foods can give us enough energy to work throughout a day and also if we can consume these foods regularly then our health problems will be removed which are the result of lack of energy. Here we have given the list of five such foods which have a lot of energy in them and if you can add them in your diet chart then you will surely we get sufficient energy for a day.

1. Bananas:
Bananas are the type of the powerhouse of energy and it has a lot of carbohydrates, Vitamin B6 and potassium which can boost up your energy level instantly. It is also very good fat athletes who you need energy throughout a performance and bananas can give you that thing only.

2. Fish:
Fishes have a lot of protein, fatty acid and also Vitamin B complex in them. The fishes like Salmon and tuna have Omega 3 fatty acid which is really very rare to get in any other food item. So if you can consume fish in your daily habit then you can get enough energy and also can shoo away so many diseases like cancer.

3. Brown Rice:
Brown rice is specially made for the people who have diabetes because this is the type of rice which has fewer carbohydrates and a lot of Vitamins, fibres and necessary minerals which can give you a lot of energy.

4. Coffee:
Whenever we get tired in between the work we always take a break to have some coffee. Because it has so much caffeine in it which can give you a lot of energy for the further task you will do. But too much coffee can cause ailments sometimes.

5. Eggs:
Eggs are the type of food which have a lot of protein in it. The white part of the egg is a pure protein which is albumin. So if you can consume at least one egg a day then you will get a lot of Vitamin b-complex and this can boost up your energy a lot.

6. Apples:
We all know that if we consume an apple a day then we can keep the doctor away. Because apples are a very good source of a lot of energy because generally, a medium size apple contains 4 grams of fibre and 25 grams of carbohydrate which is enough to get energy for a whole day.

7. Dark Chocolate:
Who does not like chocolate in this world and chocolates can do miracles to your energy level. Dark chocolate has rich cocoa in it which can boost up your energy instantly after having it.

8. Oatmeal:
Oatmeal is a type of cereal for your breakfast which can give you enough fibre to have good digestion and also some vitamins and other nutrients which can give you energy for a longer time.

9. Milk:
Milk is a source of energy and also the source of all types of nutrients you can imagine. And if you can take a glass of milk every day then you can avoid so many disease and the lower energy level problem.

10. Oranges:
Oranges have a lot of Vitamin C which can give you enough energy to work throughout the day and also it has some antioxidant which can save you from stress.