Top 10 Foods with Vitamin B12 for Vegetarians

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Best 10 Vegetarian Foods Rich in Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)

Vitamin B12 is very much important for us to maintain our physical as well as mental health. The lack of vitamin B12 causes weight loss, anaemia, memory loss, constipation or even depression. Most of the time vitamin B12 can be obtained from animal foods and that is the big reason why vegetarian people are always at risk to go through severe deficiency of Vitamin B12. Because animal source food is mainly considered as the powerhouse of vitamin B12 and there are very few vegetarian foods which have this nutrient in them. But we have listed here of about 10 food items which have a lot of vitamin B12 in it and by which you can get the desired health for yourself if you consume these foods daily.

1. Fortified Cereals:
Cereals are really very famous breakfast element but it also has a lot of vitamin B12 in it. If you take a quarter cup of fortified Cereals then you will get a lot of vitamin B12 for the betterment of your health.

2. Fortified Juice:
Some fortified juices contain a lot of vitamin B12 in it. If you consume one cup of fat then you will get a lot of this nutrition to check on your health.

3. Unsweetened Soymilk:
Soya milk is really very good for human beings because of the nutrition we can get from it. But it needs to be unsweetened because sweeteners contain carbohydrate which is not very good for our health.

4. Fortified Tofu:
Tofu is really very popular for the high protein content of it but it also has some good amount of vitamin B12 which can be really very helpful if you want a healthy body throughout your life.

5. Low-Fat Milk:
We all know that milk is an element which has all types of nutrients including vitamin B12 in it but it needs to be low fat so that fat contents do not affect your health that much.

6. Low-Fat Yoghurt:
Yoghurt is a very tasty thing in the world and so many people love yoghurt for its taste and smoothness. But it also contains Vitamin B12 which can aid our health a lot.

7. Swiss Cheese:
Swiss cheese is really very popular for its taste but it also contains the necessary vitamin B12 to make our body even healthier.

8. Vitamin Water:
We all know that water has some miraculous effects to our body but nowadays vitamin water is also available in the market which contains extra vitamin, as well as vitamin B12, need us consumer more vitamin in terms of water.

9. Whey Powder:
The people who go through some deficiency of vitamin B12 in real life, they can opt for whey powder which is a type of supplementary element to get vitamin B12 in their body.

10. Wheat:
Which has a lot of vitamin B12 in it and if you eat some food which is made of what you will get a lot of it from those foods.