Top 10 Home Remedies for Hair Growth

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Top 10 Homemade Tips for Growing Hair

Here are top 10 natural tips and remedies that can help to stimulate your hair growth.

1. Onion:
Onion juice contains collagen and can rebuild and repair hair tissue. Take four onions and grate them to extract the juice. Apply this only on the scalp and massage it in gently. Leave for about fifteen minutes to about an hour and wash off with a mild shampoo.

2. Potato:
Potato juice contains vitamin E, A and C. Without these essential nutrients, hair becomes brittle and dry. Grate three to four potatoes and apply the juice on your scalp. Massage this in for fifteen minutes. If you have very dry hair, you can mix together three grated potatoes, one egg yolk and one table spoon of honey. Apply this mask for thirty minutes and shampoo.

3. Eggs:
Eggs are packed with protein and will aid hair growth. Apply an entire egg and gently massage in into the scalp and hair, leave it for about an hour. You can make an egg hair mask by adding one tea spoon each of honey and olive oil to two whole eggs. Leave this on for half an hour.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar:
Apple cider vinegar can be used as an after rinse after you shampoo your hair. If you find that the smell is too strong, dilute it in water and add any essential oil like thyme, rosemary.

5. Henna Paste:
Henna paste is not only a good conditioner but that adds smoothness and shine. It also aids hair growth. Make a henna pack by combining a cup of henna powder with half a cup of yoghurt. Mix this well and apply all over your scalp and hair smoothly. Let it dry out completely and wash off using a mild shampoo.

6. Coconut Milk:
Coconut milk is perfect for those with dry hair. Grate the white part of coconut and strain out all the juice that comes out of it. Apply this on your scalp and leave on overnight. Rinse this out with cold water the following morning.

7. Green Tea:
Brew some green tea leaves in water and apply this warm tea all over your scalp. Leave this for an hour and rinse off with cool water, green tea is also perfect for dandruff.

8. Vitamin E:
Vitamin E oil can be massaged on your scalp overnight and washed off for smoother and softer hair. You can also use olive oil or sweet almond oil with an equal amount of castor oil.

9. Diet:
Your diet can also improve the health of your hair and boost hair growth. Foods that are rich in vitamin B, E, A and C, dark green veggies and water should be added in your diet. If you have very poor hair growth, then you may require medications.

10. Precautions:
If your hair is very brittle and weak, avoid hot styling tools, harsh brushing and too much of washing. Give your hair some time to breathe and use these hair masks to improve hair growth. Use mild shampoos and conditioners that do not have any fragrance in it. Avoid blow dryers; let your hair air dry instead. Too much exposure to heat damages and breaks the hair shaft.