Top 10 Home Remedies for Weight Gain

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Top 10 Foods to Eat for Weight Gain

Here are top 10 foods that will help you to gain weight.

1. Figs:
Figs are rich in polyunsaturated fats are perfect for gaining weight. Simply soak five figs overnight and eat them twice daily for a whole month. You may also soak two figs in milk overnight and eat them the next morning for breakfast. This has to be done for two months.

2. Raisins:
Raisins consist of essential fatty acids and you only need to consume 1/4 cup of them to gain weight. This has to be adhered to for a whole month. You can also soak them overnight in water and consume the soaked raisins twice daily.

3. Clarified Butter:
Clarified butter is rich in calories and saturated fats; this can help you to gain weight but has to be consumed carefully. Butter can ease stiff joints and improve the health of the skin. Mix a table spoon of clarified butter with a table spoon of sugar, consume this twice daily thirty minutes prior to meals.

4. Mango:
Mangoes are filled with essential vitamins and minerals but do not contain any fat, cholesterol and sodium. The fructose form the mangoes are stored in the body as fat- this is how they help you gain weight. Mixing them with milkshake to make a mango milkshake is the best way to consume them. You can eat a rips mango followed by a glass of milk for a month.

5. Potato:
Potatoes are the healthiest form of complex sugars and carbohydrates. Add them to your daily diet if you want to gain weight. Grilling potatoes are an easy way to prepare them, you can also prepare home made potato chips, stir fry them in olive oil. There are a number of ways to prepare this very basic vegetable.

6. Eggs:
Eggs contain healthy carbohydrate, fat and protein. The proteins present in eggs are the building blocks of muscles. Have about three to four egg whites every day, boiled, fried or scrambled. Eating them raw may cause health complications.

7. Banana:
Bananas are rich in calories and you only need to consume two of them twice daily. You may follow this up with a glass of milk to which you have added a tea spoon each of clarified butter and sugar. You can also make a shake out of bananas and milk and sweetening it with honey and vanilla essence. You may add clarified butter or sugar.

8. Nuts and Seeds:
Nuts are rich in calories and are the perfect snack. Have about a handful of them everyday. You can have cashews, peanuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, etc. Also consume almonds soaked in milk overnight. Ideally, you should have them as snacks between meals.

9. Fruit Juices:
Fruit juices can be consumed in place of fruits. Choose those fruit juices that are rich in carbohydrates such as grape, mango, etc. Juices will also help with digestion problems.

10. Pastas and Noodles:
Pastas and noodles are rich in carbohydrates. They are also very easy to prepare by adding to them other calorie rich ingredients like chicken, potatoes, milk cream, red meats. Combine lean meats with veggies and season with cream or any other pasta sauce that you like.