Top 10 Incredible Beauty Secrets of Ancient India

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Top 10 Ancient Indian Beauty Secrets

Before the invention of chemical-laden creams, lotions and expensive surgeries, Indian women were popularly known for making use of completely natural and herbal ingredients to beautify themselves. Undoubtedly, stories of the beauty of Indian queens and local women alike are known across the world. However, with the age of modernization, most people drift away from their roots. But that does not, in any way, disregard the importance of natural remedies in beauty treatments. Listed here are top 10 beauty secrets used since ancient India:

1. Saffron – It has always been used in homemade concoctions for beauty treatments. Saffron can help remove tan from the body, it evens the skin tone and it also helps in brightening the skin. It has the best results when two to four strands of saffron are mixed with either milk, milk cream or rose water.

2. Kajal – Previously, Indian women made kajal (kohl) at home. The ingredients included castor oil, almond oil, black mustard seeds and coconut oil. This dark black kajal was healthy for the eyes because it stimulated eye lash growth and improves vision.

3. Face pack for acne prone skin – For those who have an acne prone skin, make a face pack at home by mixing sandalwood, yogurt and turmeric powder in a bowl, until becomes a paste. Apply it to your face and wait for 20 minutes before washing it off. Since the pack has antiseptic properties, it cures the skin of acne and makes the skin even toned.

4. Neem – Every part of the neem (margosa) tree is useful in beauty treatments. It is known to cure acne, treat dry skin and also helps to treat hair problems. Massaging hair roots with neem oil works wonders for the hair.

5. Banana – Banana has multiple properties to help the skin. One important characteristic is its ability to ward off wrinkles. Mashing up a ripe banana and wearing it as a face mask for 20 minutes can help tighten the skin, thereby reducing lines and wrinkles.

6. Amla – Amla (gooseberry) is the richest source of vitamin C which is crucial for skin treatments. It is also called gooseberry. Amla helps in reducing hair fall and hair nourishment, and is used in hair products even today.

7. Turmeric – Ever wondered why Indian women apply a turmeric paste before weddings? Well, that is because turmeric is a great skin toner and skin lightener. Besides this, it also helps in reducing stretch marks, wrinkles, healing cracked heels and minor wounds.

8. Tulsi – Found in almost every household, tulsi (holy basil) is an astringent helps in curing acne, nourishing the skin and also teeth whitening.

9. Multani Mitti – Also called Fuller’s Earth, or clay in layman terms, Multani mitti is a natural scrub and cleanser. It acts as an antidote for pimples because it absorbs the oil from the skin, making it less oily. Apart from the skin, multani mitti is also good for the hair.

10. Besan– Gram flour, i.e. besan, is a common ingredient used in India. Besan can help treat blemishes. It also helps in brightening of the skin.