Top 10 List of Foods for Elimination Diet

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Best Elimination Diet Foods List

Sometimes we suspect some foods to be allergic to our body and that time we try to remove those foods from our body but the main problem is what we can eat instead of them for enough nourishment? And this time is very sensitive for our body where we are living so many things to eat and getting accustomed to different types of other foods according to the need of our health. Here we are giving the list of 10 foods which we can take while having an elimination diet routine.

1. Fruits:
This is the time when you have to eat a lot of fruits which has the necessary in nutrients in them. But we need to be very careful that we have to avoid the citrus kind of fruits.

2. Vegetables:
Vegetables are always good for our health and when we are on an elimination diet then we can surely have a lot of vegetables in our meals. But we need to make sure that we don’t eat any vegetables which are grown in the night time.

3. Rice:
Rice is kind of a harmless food item in our daily schedule because it has no harmful ingredient which can be energetic to us. So anyone who is going through the elimination diet can have rice without any tension.

4. Fish:
Fishes have a lot of protein content in it and also some other nutrients also like Omega 3 fatty acid. So when you are leaving so many things to eat then you must opt for something like fish which can give you the necessary protein in your body.

5. Meat:
You can always include lean meats in your diet when you are on an elimination routine. Because these types of needs will give you the necessary nutrients to your body.

6. Coconut Milk:
You need to leave dairy products while you are on an elimination diet because generally dairy products have a lot of tendencies to do some allergies in your body. So instead of normal milk, you can consume coconut milk for your benefit.

7. Olive Oil:
You should not what use normal oil in your food if you are on an elimination diet but you can always choose olive oil or coconut oil for your food to supplement other fats in your meals.

8. Herbal Tea:
Whenever we are stressed we make a cup of tea for ourselves but when you are on an elimination diet then you have to leave that. But there is a second option of rate which is the herbal tea. You can always consume herbal tea for your own good at this time.

9. Spices:
You can choose fresh Herbs and spices in your meals to have a better taste at the time of the elimination diet. And these spices also have some medicinal benefits for your body.

10. Vinegar:
Apple cider vinegar is very good for our health and there is no restriction to have that while you are having an elimination diet for yourself.