Top 10 Natural Beauty Secrets from Around the World

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Top 10 Ancient Beauty Secrets from All Around the World

As much as we would like to believe that outer beauty is not that important, people all over the world go to various lengths to enhance their appearance. Before science came into play and creams and surgeries became available, the only treatment ingredients were mostly found in plants and kitchen ingredients. Listed here are top 10 beauty secrets from around the world:

1. Australians made use of tea-tree oil to fight dandruff. Adding a few drops to your regular shampoo can go a long way in helping to get rid of dandruff. The oil will nourish your dry scalp prevent the formation of dandruff as well as the itchiness that sets in.

2. Columbians and Latin Americans made use of Avocados for their face and hair. Avocado, mashed banana and olive oil can be used to make a paste which is to be rubbed into the roots of the hair. The hair pack has shown astounding results till date.

3. Women in Dominican Republic have been known to chop fresh garlic and add it to clear nail paint. After letting the nail paint rest for a week or so, they would apply it to their nails to attain stronger and harder nails. Garlic also has antibacterial elements that keep the nails clean.

4. French manicure is popular and for valid reasons. Women in France do their manicures themselves and have found a great way to get rid of dirty nail stains. The simplest solution to remove nail stains is to soak your hand in lemon juice for 10 minutes and the results will be instant.

5. Greek women have a mesmerizing complexion. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. A regular intake of olive oil in your diet can give you a naturally glowing skin within no time. You can also apply olive oil on skin as moisturizer. It will give you soft and younger looking skin.

6. Many women get dark circles below their eyes due to lack of sleep, exhaustion and stress. Dark circles take ages to go away and make your eyes look sunken and hollow. In order to get rid of dark circles, Spanish women would cut potato slices and place it on their eyes. Potato lightens the skin around the area, thereby reducing dark circles.

7. Polish women make use of egg yolk to make a hair mask. They mix egg yolk with few drops of olive oil and lemon juice. Rinsing it off after leaving it for 15 minutes can strengthen the hair.

8. Chinese women have found a cure to treating stretch marks as well. Rubbing camellia oil on the stretch marks twice a day can lighten them eventually.

9. The people of the land of Cleopatra, the beautiful, Egyptians, believe that milk and honey are a great combination to attain radiant and glowing skin. Adding lavender and rose petals, can also add to the benefits.

10. Women in Singapore have long since made use of mashed avocado or papaya to make a facial mask. Both the fruits are rich in oil and moisturizing properties which are good for the skin.