Top 10 Natural Homemade Hair Dye Recipes

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Top 10 All Natural Hair Dye Recipes

Natural homemade hair dyes can help you achieve a desired shade of hair color without the use of chemicals that render hair damage and hair loss. It gives your hair a fantastic color that adds to your beauty with its herbal properties and also promotes hair growth and shiny appearance. Here are simple recipes of top 10 natural homemade hair dyes that will help you get the hair color of your choice.

1. Natural Dye from Tea or Coffee:
Prepare 3-4 cups of black tea or coffee and brew it in a strong portion. Pour the liquid after it cools down to ambient temperature and wrap your head with a shower cap. Wash away after half an hour and repeat the remedy twice every week to give it a desired rich brown or almost black shade.

2. Henna Dye:
Henna is herbal hair dye that nourishes your hair and gives a brow-reddish shade to your hair.
Add 3 tsps. of essential oil and even eggs to make henna mixture. Beat the mixture well to form a muddy and thick paste and apply it on your hair. Leave the paste on your hair for as long as possible and then take a shower.

3. Red Hair Dye:
Boil 1 cup of rose hips or 3 bags of Hibiscus tea in 2 cups of water. Massage this mixture on your hair after it cools down. This natural home remedy works the best when you apply 2-3 times every week.

4. Natural Hair Dye to Cover Gray Hair:
Take some cherry tree bark and black leaves together. Steep them until you obtain very shade. The liquid obtained helps you to get black shade and cover the gray strands. Do not rinse out the dark shade mixture on your hair and repeat the remedy every day or weekly for maintenance.

5. Rhubarb Root:
Rhubarb root is a very potent natural home remedy that helps you to restore the golden sheen of gray blonde hair strands. Boil 3 tbsp. of rhubarb root in 2 cups of water. Sim the mixture for 15 minutes and let it cool for the whole night. Pour the liquid over your hair the next day.

6. Sage and Rosemary Dye:
This is an eco-friendly natural hair dye that helps you restore the natural hair color. Brew rosemary tea and strong sage to apply on your gray hair. Massage it on your hair gently and do not wash it. It takes a couple of weeks to wipe off the undesirable gray strands.

7. Lemon Juice:
Mix 1 cup of organic lemon juice with 3 cups of Chamomile tea and spend time in the sun. To get immediate results with a month repeat it every week to lighten the hair color.

8. Yogurt and Honey:
Mix one and a half cups of fresh yogurt with 3/4th cup of honey on your damp hair. Massage this natural hair dye on your hair. Wrap your hair using a shower cap or saran wrap. Wash it after 8 hours to dye your hair naturally.

9. Herbal Hair Dye:
Herbal hair dye lightens you hair color though it is a slow process but it promotes hair growth and adds a shine to it. Mix 1 cup of freshly extracted lemon juice with 3 cups of string chamomile tea and dip your hair in the mixture. Expose your hair to sun and let it dry. This concoction gives a dark brown shade to your hair. Repeat the remedy 2-3 times every week to get positive results.

10. Red Tints:
Mix half a cup of beet juice with half a cup of carrot juice and massage on your hair. Wash it after an hour and repeat the remedy weekly twice to get a naturally reddish tint on your hair.