Top 10 Overnight Beauty Secrets

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10 Overnight Beauty Tips to Wake Up Beautiful

Your routine has been extremely hectic and you have not been able to take care or follow your beauty regime religiously. Many a times people work something out for their skin for years and suddenly one beauty secret changes the entire face structure or the look of it. Finding the age old and widely effective beauty secret helps to bring about the best of the users features. But it is impossible to wait for the right beauty secret to come your way! There must always be one secret tip which can rescue you and highlight your best features if you have very little time to look pretty. However, you have a last minute invitation to a grand party but you do not wish to go there looking like a mess. But what can one night of taking care do? Well, actually, a lot can happen in a one night’s time. Follow these quick tips for overnight beauty:

1. Get rid of the puffs – Lack of sleep and exhaustion can give you puffy eyes. In order to rid of the puffs, take an extra pillow under your neck and sleep on your back. The increased circulation of blood around the eyes will reduce the puffiness.

2. Apply a thick layer of hand nourishing cream and put on soft gloves. Leave them on for the night and you will wake up with soft and smooth hands. Also use a foot cream and wear socks to heal cracked heels and make them softer.

3. If you have an unexpected pimple on your face that is going to ruin your look, don’t worry, it will be taken care of. Apply a drop of tea tree oil on the pimple before bed and watch it diminish by morning.

4. Cotton is really hard for facial skin; it can crease and wrinkle the skin if used for a pillow cover. Instead, use silk material for a pillowcase to avoid harshness, dryness or creases on your skin in the morning.

5. Rub a gentle amount of lip balm on your lips until you feel you have massaged enough. Do this before going to bed to cure chapped lips and to wake up with soft and kissable lips.

6. Use a moisturizer for your arms, neck and legs before sleeping and on waking up. Skin tends to dry out quickly due to perspiration. Moisturizer keeps it moist and soft for a long time.

7. If you haven’t had the time to go to a spa, but still want bouncy and soft hair, apply your conditioner in wet hair before sleeping and put on a shower cap. Leave it on for the night and rinse it off on waking. Your hair will be softer than what is has ever been.

8. To stylize your hair into lovely waves, wash your hair at night and let it air dry for a while. Before going to bed, tie them into buns if you want big waves or braids if you want a curly look.

9. Apply avocado or olive oil beneath your eyes before sleeping. Their nourishing properties will let you wake with rejuvenated and fresh eyes.

10. Use a small amount of coconut oil to rub on your nails and cuticles. This will soften them by morning and make your nails look like they have been freshly manicured.