Top 10 Skin Whitening Foods to Eat

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Top 10 Foods to Eat for Skin Whitening

Irrespective of men and women, all want to get white skin instantly. In today’s scenario pollutions damage the skin tone and charm. But these effective top 10 skin whitening foods can return the lost glow of skin. So, before using cosmetic products it is recommended to try these skin whitening foods to get superb complexion. These have at least no side effects and reverse impacts on skin.

1. Tea:
Can’t believe? But it is true that tea contains polyphenol which is a superb antioxidant. For this reason sipping a few cups of green tea a day can reduce the darkness of skin and whiten it.

2. Dark Chocolate:
The main ingredients of it are cocoa, polyphenols and flavonoids. All these are considered as awesome antioxidants. So eating at least four squares of dark chocolate a day may whiten the skin.

3. Carrot:
Carrot contains vitamin C and carotene. Use carrot regularly in your diet. Also drink a cup of carrot juice every morning to enhance the whiteness of your skin.

4. Orange:
Orange is a great source of vitamin C. This vitamin helps to keep your skin as it is. But it cannot be ignored that collagen production is stimulated by consuming 2 oranges a day. This collagen helps in the development of new cells.

5. Red and Yellow Fruits and Vegetables:
Red and yellow fruits contain carotene and phytochemicals along with antioxidants. So skin can achieve resistance power by the intake of these foods in adequate quantity. Skin glows automatically.

6. Tomato:
Tomato is highly rich in modified version of carotene named lycopene. It is very effective to return the lost tone of the skin and make it brighter by consuming it daily.

7. Beetroot:
This iron and vitamin rich red vegetable has the ability to clean the pores of skin, increase the blood circulation and revamp the skin glow. Daily intake of a glass of the juice of it is good for skin whitening.

8. Soy Based Foods:
Vitamin C and zinc are the basic components of soy foods. Daily eating of any soy based food can make the dull skin glowing and white. Even the milk of soy can eradicate several skin problems like acne scars.

9. Broccoli:
It is a power food and dense with antioxidants and vitamin C and E. By consuming broccoli on regular basis white skin will appear naturally. Besides its nutritive properties, broccoli cleans the body from inside and brings a natural glow to the skin.

10. Milk:
It is needless to say that by consuming milk in adequate amount skin will become white. Due to this reason the pregnant women are suggested to take milk for the baby. It contains huge amount of calcium which is essential for healthy structure. The presence of lactic acid helps in exfoliation of skin to lighten the complexion. Milk also acts as natural moisturizer for face.