Top 10 Things You Must Carry In Your Trousseau

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Top 10 Essential Things You Must Carry In Your Trousseau

As soon as the date of your wedding is decided, the preparations for the big day begins immediately. From making the guest list to deciding the venue and menu, everything is in full swing. Amidst all of this, shopping for the bridal trousseau is the most exciting thing for the bride. Trousseau is traditionally a collection of items, previously included in the dowry, that would help the woman be comfortable in her new house with her new family. It also included the wedding attires and other traditional dresses for various rituals. However, here is a list of 10 things that a woman must never forget to include in her bridal trousseau to take it along with her to her new house:

1. Indian and Western Clothes – Although you’re going to be excited to shop for lovely Indian traditional dresses, after the wedding, you will also require some western and casual clothes to wear to work or for a Sunday brunch.

2. Minor accessories – Things like safety pins and hair brushes seem funny and trivial when you think of shopping for your trousseau. However, these things come in really handy and are important in daily life, so don’t disregard them.

3. Toiletries – Yes, your new house is definitely going to be equipped with toiletries. However, each one of us have a specific brand or product that suits are skin and we would prefer sticking to that after marriage too. Add sanitary napkins also to your list of toiletries, you don’t want to rush to the chemist in emergency situations.

4. Jewelry – Women adore jewelry. Shop for jewelry with someone you trust with their taste. Also, pick up something that will go with your other Indian dresses too, not just the one you will wear on your big day.

5. Saris – Marriage entails lots of social relations and thus, lots of social functions. To some of these, a sari would be your best attire. So pack a few lovely saris. Don’t stick to the bridal colors of red, green, pink and oranges – pick up a variety of colors as you please.

6. Make-up – How many women can live without make-up? Probably none. Make a complete make-up kit for your trousseau which includes kajal, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, body lotions, blush, compact powder, lipstick and nail paints.

7. Shoes – Pick up a pair for each occasion. By that, we mean, your trousseau should have high heeled stilettos, running shoes, flat shoes, slipper as well as bathroom slippers.

8. Classic clothing – your wedding is a big affair and you obviously want your outfit to be something extravagant and glamorous for your big day. However, instead of splurging on something you will probably never wear again, go for a more classic design that you know will never go out of trend.

9. Bags – You will never see a woman without a perfect handbag to match her dress. After marriage, when you resume work or attend social gatherings, you will need a bag match for all that you wear. Have all kinds of bags in your trousseau – a purse, a sling bag and a handbag.

10. Perfume – Last, but not the least, carry your favorite brand and fragrance of perfume in your trousseau.

Your partner will obviously shop for you and you can any day shop after your marriage too. But amidst the chaotic phase of settling in a new house and lifestyle, you want your personal belongings to be in place at least, right?