Top 10 Tips To Get Rid of Smelly Hair

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Top 10 DIY Remedies for Smelling Hair

Home Remedies to Remove Hair Odor:
Maintaining smooth, shiny and gorgeous hair is not an easy job. Especially, after a tired day at work, smelly hair won’t get you in any good mood. Hence here we have Top 10 Tips To Get Rid of Smelly Hair:

1. Add essential oil to your regular shampoo and see the difference. It will give totally different scent to your hair
2. Tomato massage on your scalp will result into the smooth and smell-free hair.
3. Using soaked tea bags would also be a great home remedy to get rid of smelly hair.
4. Lemon juice will also help with its anti-bacterial properties. It will help remove odor from hair and scalp.
5. Rose water spray over slightly wet hair will give amazing rose scent to your hair along with the removal of bad odor.
6. Do not delay washing your hair. Whenever possible or each day, keep washing your hair after coming back to home.
7. Avoid excess usage of heating tools for curling or straightening of hair. It might be the reason behind bad odor coming from your hair.
8. Baking soda mixed with water will help to prevent odor from your hair. Wash your hair with this mixture regularly.
9. Add Neem Oil to your regular shampoo for a few days for washing your hair.
10. Orange Peel: Using orange peel for hair wash will help to get odor-free and dandruff free hair.