Top 10 Tips to Stop Snoring

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Top 10 Ways to Stop Snoring

Snoring is very common sleep disorder affecting men than women. You snore means you create a continuous sound during sleep. Due to this behavior your sleeping partners feel very disturbed and want to stop snoring immediately. Follow these top 10 tips to stop snoring.

1. Modify the Sleeping Position:
Changing the sleeping position can reduce the snoring sound. Sometimes due to back lying tongue touches the soft palate and create a vibrating sound in sleep. If you are lying by side this problem can be uprooted.

2. Lose Weight:
It is needless to say that thin people also snore. But if you feel that by gaining weight you are snoring more than before then it is due to fat. Due to gaining fat the internal diameter of the throat is reduced and then rattling sound comes during sleep. So immediately lose your weight to stop snoring.

3. Quit Alcohol:
The regular habit of taking alcohol before four to five hours of sleeping and taking of sedatives increase snoring. It happens due to the stiffness of throat muscle. So to free from snoring quit alcohol and sedatives now.

4. Habit Hygiene Sleep:
Sleeping in irregular manner or working in night without sleep may cause snoring due to the reason of floppier of throat muscle. So it is suggested to take your sleep in proper time and maintain duration.

5. Keep Your Nasal Passage Free:
Narrowing of nasal passage causes small flow of air through it. So, nasal passage should be cleared for sufficient air flow to avoid snoring during sleep. If the nasal path is clogged due to cold, snoring may happen. So take a hot bath before going to sleep for avoiding snoring.

6. Avoid Dust:
Allergens are highly responsible to create snoring. If you made dusting your room’s ceiling fan or other furniture dust may affect the pillows and bedcovers. These in turn affect your breathing exercise and may cause snoring. So change pillow and bed covers immediately after dusting.

7. Be Hydrated:
Drinking plentiful water is very essential for clearing the nose. If adequate amount of fluid is not taken then the nose secretion will be thicker and problem of snoring will come.

8. Stay in Ventilation:
Is your bedroom sufficiently ventilated? Fresh air may help you to take proper breathe. Any oxygen deficiency may cause snoring during sleep. So check you room’s proper ventilation by opening window or switching on air conditioner.

9. Nasal Exercise:
Proper breathing exercise in care of experts is recommended to stop snoring. The adequate amount of taking oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide will help to avoid snoring. Yoga experts can help you for sufficient care to inhale and exhale properly.

10. Avoid Pet Fur:
Domestic pets like dogs and cats should be kept separately from living area. Their fur may create allergies which are highly responsible of snoring. The diminutive furs are flying always in the room and enter into nasal passage. It creates snoring.