Top 10 Uses of Egg Yolk on the Hair

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How to Use Egg Yolk for Your Hair

Who does not want a nice shiny and voluptuous hair? And forget there are so many e Hair Care routine available in the market. But the easiest and healthiest ingredient is Egg Yolk. Egg yolks can do a miracle to your hair. There are so many ways how you can use egg yolk for your hair and it is really super easy to do. We face a lot of problems regarding our hair in our busy schedule and egg yolk can solve all of it at once. We have enlisted some usage of egg yolk for your hair below.

1. Conditioning Your Hair:
Your hair can be conditioned with just one ingredient which is egg yolk. You have to take a bowl and some egg yolks as per length and volume of your hair and you need to apply them on your hair before taking a bath. And you will have a great conditioning experience for your hair.

2. Adding Moisture to Hair:
Egg yolks can add moisture to your hair when mixed with some Honey. If You Mix egg yolk and just one tablespoon of honey and apply on your hair as well as your Scalp before rinsing it with a mild shampoo, you will get rid of your dry hair issue immediately.

3. Removing Dandruff:
Do you face the problem of dandruff and itching in the scalp? Then egg yolk is the solution for you. also if you add a bit of neem oil to it and apply it on your scalp then dandruff will go away at once.

4. Hair Growth:
If you want to grow your hair just like Rapunzel, then you must use egg yolk with almond oil to have a beautiful long hair in some time.

5. Eliminating Fizz of Hair:
Fizziness of hair is a big problem nowadays because of so much pollution in the atmosphere. But it can be removed buy egg yolk mixed with mayonnaise very much effectively.

6. Getting Rid of Lice:
Sometimes we face issues with having lice in our hair and that also can be treated by egg yolk. You need to make some lemon juice to the egg yolk and have to apply it on your hair around 6 to 7 hours before washing it off. You have to wrap the hair with a thin cellophane paper to help the mixture to suffocate the lice.

7. Solving Hair Loss:
Hair loss is a problem which is faced by almost all of us and egg yolks are the best solution for this problem ever.

8. Shining the Hair:
Egg yolk can be used to treat dull hair and bring some life in it. And it really can be done by shining your hair a bit more.

9. Strengthening Hair:
We all want a very strong hair and that can be achieved if you use egg yolks regularly to your hair. It strengthens the hair and its follicles very effectively.

10. Preventing Hair Fall:
Besides growing a beautiful hair, egg yolk can also prevent the hair fall problem which is the tension of all of us. And if you use egg yolk as hair mask regularly then you will get to see the change yourself.