Top 10 Uses of Glycerin for Skin and Hair Care

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Top 10 Benefits and Uses of Glycerin for Skin and Hair

Glycerin has multiple uses. It has made time-honored contribution to skin-care. Earlier, people did not know of its use for hair care. The trend to use glycerin for hair care began in the middle of the nineteenth century. It is basically a natural product made from vegetable oil. This compound is also synthesized from petroleum. The benefits of glycerin for skin and hair care are listed below.

1. Glycerin Acts as Humectant:
Skin requires hydration and glycerin acts as one of the very effective humectants on the skin. It can retain moisture and the hygroscopic nature of glycerin can suck the water from atmosphere to moisten the skin. So the chance of evaporation becomes minimal.

2. Safeguards Skin:
The application of glycerin on skin is quite safe as it is non-toxic. From infants to women, everybody can use it without any harmful reaction. So, where oily or sensitive skin is sensitive to some products, glycerin can safely be used for making the skin soft and radiant.

3. Cell Maturation:
Glycerin plays a crucial role in cell development. Glycerin or glycerol can fight against skin diseases if the skin is troubled by any kind of dermatitis like psoriasis. Generally it is found that skin cells exuviate quickly in the case of psoriasis and scaly skin is formed. Glycerin helps to form normal skin over the wounds.

4. Protective to Skin:
Most of the time, oily skin becomes lifeless due to various skin eruptions. It includes acne, pimples, redness, irritation and many others with the continuous secretion of sebum. If glycerin is used on a regular basis, the oiliness will be removed and skin gets full protection.

5. Lip Guard:
During winter, the moisture in the environment evaporates and the weather gets very dry. Lips being very soft, it gets dry easily in winter. If you use glycerin, the lips do not get dry and chapped.

6. Hair Conditioner:
Natural humectant properties of glycerin help to keep the hair moisturized. Apply glycerin after shampooing and it acts like a super conditioner for making the hair shiny and thick.

7. Removes Dandruff:
Generally dandruff is formed due to dryness of scalp. If glycerin is applied on the scalp regularly, there will be no risk of dryness and dandruff. An oily condition will prevail.

8. Rectifies Frizzy Flyaway:
Brittle and frizzy hair creates embarrassing situation when you want to look properly groomed. People who have curly and dry hair also face this problem. In such cases, apply a few drops of glycerin on your palm and apply it on hair. Then comb it.

9. Reduces Itchy Scalp:
When the scalp becomes dry, it feels itchy. Application of glycerin will eradicate the itchy sensation.

10. Helps the Color to Last Longer:
If you want to dye your hair, apply glycerin after some days of coloring the hair. It helps the color to last for a longer period of time.