Top 10 Uses of Vitamin E Capsules for Skin and Hair Care

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Top 10 Benefits and Uses of Vitamin E Capsules or Oil for Skin and Hair

In the modern cosmetic industry vitamin E is the main ingredient used in all kinds of beauty products. As it contributes a lot towards human health, doctors also prescribe vitamin E for developing skin, hair and overall health. It is medically termed as Alpha-Tocopherol. Let’s see its benefits on skin and hair.

1. Anti Ageing Advantage:
With ageing of skin, it loses elasticity and firmness due to non production of collagen and cells. Besides, pollution, unhealthy diet, etc. play a vital role in deteriorating the skin triggered by ageing. Vitamin E oil is fully loaded with antioxidant which fades away the wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Provides Soft Lips:
If vitamin E is taken regularly you will never face chapped or dry lip problem in your life. It is found in two forms like oil and liquid. So there is no problem to apply vitamin E on lips to moisturize and smooth them. Lips will get a pink color besides softness.

3. Makes the Skin Soft:
As a night lotion use vitamin E oil once in a week to get super soft skin. Just warm few drops of vitamin E oil and rub with the palm. Massage the face gently. Wash off with plain water next morning. The antioxidant properties will make the skin baby soft.

4. Helps to Remove Make Up:
Being a natural moisturizer there is no harm to apply vitamin E oil on the delicate part of the face. So when you apply heavy makeup and at the end of the day you have to remove, then this oil works efficiently. Just dip cotton ball in vitamin E oil and gently massage on the area to remove the makeup.

5. Removes Stretch Mark:
Stretch mark problem is faced by most of the women. Vitamin E liquid can fade away the marks instantly. Just release the liquid from the capsule and mix with lemon juice. Now apply on the marks and let it stay for half an hour.

6. Fights Against Premature Graying:
Vitamin E slows down ageing and revitalizes the hair. It protects hair from corrosion of tissues by oxidation. Oxidation is the prime cause of premature graying.

7. Prevents Split Ends:
Split ends hamper the beauty of the beautiful strands. If vitamin E oil can be mixed with other hair oil and applied on the splits, they can be protected. After an hour wash off the hair with shampoo.

8. Helps in Hair Growth:
As vitamin E contains adequate amount of antioxidant, it helps in the circulation of blood towards the scalp. So you will get healthy hair by consumption of vitamin E on regular basis.

9. Gives Lustrous Hair:
Oiling hair with vitamin E oil can provide conditioning and thickness to the hair. Massaging with it stimulates the sebum production that helps to make the hair lustrous.

10. Gives Shine:
Application of vitamin E oil gives the hair a super shine. It also protects the hair from damage.