Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Plastic

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Avoid Plastic and Save Environment

Today’s modern times is largely dependent on plastics. Plastics have made their mark everywhere. Another major reason for the increasing usage is the price and the availability. Plastic products are more or less popular and are used in almost every daily need. Be it kitchen or factories, the world is largely dependent on plastic. Plastic has made its way to everything practically.

But the main question is, how long? Each and every user is very well aware of the consequences plastic brings with it. Plastic damages the body in a chronic way. Not just body, the environment also suffers due to high plastic usage. The water bodies, air, forests and natural habitation all suffer due to plastic. The reason for most the global problems is PLASTIC.

Here we present to you top 5 reasons to avoid plastic:

1. Makes you unhealthy
Plastic products have a high amount of toxic compounds which can make a person sick very easily. More and more people fall sick abruptly because of plastic. Although, our body can retain in it a small amounts, it is not right and healthy to fill your body with minute plastic particles. Research has proven that excessive use of plastic can lead to diseases like cancer, cardiac arrest, arthritis, blindness and fertility problems too.

2. There never was , is or will be a safe plastic
The concept safe plastic is a myth. No plastic can ever be safe. Many people feel that it’s completely safe to use plastics made up of Bisphenol. However, this is a lie. Off late, many companies claiming this have been taken into custody for the purpose of lying and misleading the general public. There is no plastic which is safe and this gives one every reason to quit plastics.

3. Rising reproductive problems
There has been an increasing reproductive and fertility problems all over the globe. The major reason for this increasing problem is the high use of plastics in day to day life. Plastics have certain chemicals which disturb the immunity and hormone regulation to a considerably large extent. Research has also stated development issues and defects in children at birth and during growing stages.

4. Obesity and weight problems
The western countries have become a victim to excessive weight gain and obesity. This abnormal weight gain is also because of plastic particles which are in the processed foods in considerably large amounts. Beverages which many have on day to day basis also has a large number of plastics in it. Thus, change consuming so much plastic in some form or the other can result in several health issues.

5. Planet suffers because of plastic
Plastic is not good for the nature too. Due to careless use of plastic the natural beings and the nature suffers to a great extent. A lot of people throw plastics in the sea which result in death of aquatic animals and disturbance of the sea life. Not just this, experts have claimed that by the time it is 2020, the sea will have more of plastics than water. The growth of trees also get stunt because of plastic which gets stuck in the soil. Thus, plastic is bad for everyone.