Top 5 Reasons To Have A Pet At Home

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5 Reasons why you should keep a pet

Many people love the idea of having a pet or pets at their homes. Animals, many say are therapeutic and help people in several ways. Any pet you keep may not know to speak but they sure do understand feelings. They are the first ones to sense if you are going to fall ill or if you are very happy. The days you are sad they just want to snuggle besides you and the day you are happy they will jump around the full house participating in your joys. Pets are adorable little things. They grow up to be big and nasty, but they are adorable nonetheless. They are great company and companions. They are there for you even when the entire world abandons you. No one can love you more unconditionally and loyally than your pet. However, not all of us are lucky enough to have one. We have our doubts about having a pet at home and how we would take care of it. If you are someone considering to have a pet but are confused if you really should, here are 5 reasons why you most definitely should:

1. More activity:
Ask anyone who has a pet at home, they will confirm this for you. If you are leading a sedentary life, you would like some form of activity. Having a pet serves that purpose. Pets need training and they need attention. From taking them for walks to taking them to the vet, buying their requirements and running around with them, pets make you more active.

2. Boosts our ego:
Pets always need us, always. Their constant need for care and attention inflates our ego and makes us feel important. Thus, our self-esteem increases and we are more self-confident than before. The best part about it though is that pets never ask for all this in return.

3. They brighten our mood:
Returning home after a tiring day at work, you want something to cheer you up. Pets do just that. Petting your pet after being away from them the whole day, they nuzzle their head in your hand and make you feel the love they bear for you. They would not leave your side for hours and would follow you around. If that can’t make your day better, nothing can.

4. They put our lives in place:
Having a pet is a big responsibility. You need to be disciplined and orderly to be a responsible pet owner. However, if you are not, you become so after having a pet. You have to schedule your days keeping them in mind and you have to make sure you take care of them well. This prepares you for life too.

5. They teach us a lot:
Pets, even without the gift of knowledge, can teach us a lot. They teach us to be empathetic and understanding, patient and calm and they teach us how to love unconditionally and forever.

As a quote rightly says, for us, they are a part of our world, but for them, we are their entire world. Pets are amazing beings and they only know how to make lives better. That alone is a reason to have pets.