Top 5 Reasons Why Men Should Learn Cooking

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Why All Men Should Know How to Cook

Gone are the days when women were typically always expected to be in the kitchen and while away her time with vegetables and spices. Evolution took place and with time, women do not need to be stuck in the kitchen during all times. Men have started to take up equal levels of responsibility and are not shying away from trying their hand at cutlery too. Shifting away from the stereotypes that associate cooking as a job to be done only by women, it is time for men to learn cooking. Now, we don’t say this because of the recent outburst of feminizes. In fact, men should learn cooking because food is your basic necessity. Food is the road to survival for men and women very equally. So if you don’t know how to make your basic necessity, how do you expect to survive? Moreover, gone are the days when women sat at home doing all the chores while men went out to earn money. Today, women are equal wage earners of the family and thus, it is only that their work load of sharing the kitchen is also divided. Besides these, here are top 5 reasons why men should most definitely learn to cook:

1. Women prefer men who can cook
If it is sexy to have a man who can cook up a good conversation, cooking up a good meal is a different level of attractive. Women are unconsciously drawn towards men who know the art of cooking.

2. Cooking is a fun therapy
Really, cooking is the most fun form of therapy. It gives you time to explore your choices as well as thoughts. You can up the game by trying your own recipes and cooking wonderful (or sometimes even disastrous) meals. It gives you lone time, releases stress and relaxes you after a hard day.

3. It is less expensive
If you’re a man living alone and you don’t know how to cook, you are surely in trouble. Not only do you have to eat outside everyday, which get boring after a little while, but you are in financial burden too, since eating out is expensive. On the other hand, cooking your own food is a better choice because you can eat what you want, pay half the amount and still enjoy it in the warmth of your house.

4. Just another couple thing
Cooking can be a whole lot more fun if both the partners in a couple know how to cook. You can experiment with new dishes and have fun making them. This allows you to spend quality time together and also share your love in the food you make.

5. You can lose weight
If you wish to lose weight, cook your own meals. No, cooking is not a physical exercise but it definitely helps you become more conscious of what you eat and how much of it. This consciousness can help you maintain your diet and thereby lose weight.

Cooking is as much a man’s job as it is a woman’s. Men should learn to cook for their survival, to be better prospects and to add a little spice to life, pun intended!