Top 5 Reasons Why Pink Gold is the New Trend

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Pink Gold (Rose Gold) – The Jewelry Fashion Trend

Shifting focus from the traditional yellow gold, white gold had become the new popular trend recently. Now, pink gold, popularly called as ‘Rose Gold’ is trending in the market. However, it is not a new trend for pink gold to be in fashion. Since the early 19th century, people, more over Russians, had started using gold with a little bit of copper to make it look rose colour. This practice had begun because platinum was restricted and yellow gold was too common. It is for this reason that pink gold is also called Russian gold. Now that history is repeating it and all things vintage are coming back in vogue, pink gold is no exception. Here are 5 reasons why pink gold has become the new trend:

1. It suits all skin tones
Unlike yellow or white gold, which look different according to the skin tone, rose gold suits and looks elegant on all skin tones. Its soft blush colour can complement any outfit and make it look delicate and beautiful at the same time. This rose colour compliments skin and makes the wearer look elegant and beautiful irrespective of the complexion or the asset which has been worn.

2. Looks lovely with gemstones
There is some truth in it when they say that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. However, besides diamonds, gemstones too make the women go weak at the heart. Fortunately, rose gold looks infinitely lovely when studded with gemstones. If the gemstones are contrast in colour, then it makes the jewellery even more stunning.

3. Feminine
There is no denying that rose gold is ultra-feminine. True to its shade, jewellery made from rose gold brings out or highlights the feminine qualities of the woman wearing it. It also makes the wearer look dainty and delicate simple because of its colour. Moreover, it also adds a pinch of romantic aura to the outfit. Women and men will always drool over your jewellery making you feel like a boss whenever you wear it.

4. Vintage look
Everything vintage is beautiful, prized and valued. Pink gold, whether inherited or bought recently, has a vintage touch to it. This makes it even more beautiful and favoured. Vintage is always appreciated and goes well with almost everything. You can easily flaunt your rose coloured asset almost every social gathering you go to as it is ultra-beautiful and very unique.

5. The celebrities are wearing it
As much as we like to deny the influence that the choices of our favourite celebrities have on our choices, we all know it is true. Popular celebrities like Blake Lively, Leighton Mister and Katie Holmes have been spotted wearing pink gold engagement rings and they look even lovelier with it.

Gold, in any form, has an intrinsic value and it makes the wearer feel special since it is a treasured metal. Pink gold is no exception, except that it caters mainly to the womankind and gives them a touch of femininity and elegance.