Top 5 Reasons Why Spending Time at the Beach is Therapeutic

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5 Ways a Beach Day is Good For Your Health

Have you heard of anyone living near a beach being sad? No. Beaches have an extremely calming effect on people and research has also shown that it can have health benefits. Just spending a day at the beach can instantly lift your spirits up and temporarily sort out all your life issues. Although researchers fail to understand the causal relationship between spending time at the beach and health benefits, the correlation exists, and it is positively strong correlation. In other words, spending time at the beach can have therapeutic effects and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Serenity:
Although people play at the beach and there is a general chaos on the coast, nothing is more serene than being in the presence of water. The sound of water waves calm the nerves down and the person becomes resigned and quiet for some time. Moreover, if the beach is visited at an unusual time, mostly late evening, the chaos has also died down and the serenity that is experienced is unexplainably beautiful.

2. Lone Time:
Being at the beach can give you some lone time, away from the chaotic city and loud noises. When at the beach, it is a great time to introspect and reflect on your mistakes, problems and dilemmas. It is surprising how a simple hour of lone time at the beach can give you clarity and solutions to your problems.

3. Stress Buster:
Needless to say, beaches act as a great stress buster. Because of its calming effect, the body goes from being in constant tension to becoming relaxed. It is at this point that the stress is released from the mind and body, and you suddenly feel like a burden is lifted off your shoulders. When you are relieved of the unnecessary baggage of stress, you can think more clearly and thus, half your problems dissolve right there.

4. Encourages Physical Activity:
It is extremely difficult and nearly impossible to deny that you would want nothing more than to walk bare feet on sand or join in with the boys to play sports at the beach. The adrenaline rush gained from this exhilarating experience encourages you to take up a physical activity such as sport, dance or simply regular walks. Either way, it helps you become fit and fine.

5. Emotional Settlement:
When at the beach, once you calm down and come away from your daily hassles, you get time to think about how you actually feel about something. from your trivial encounter at the bus station in the morning to how your boss treated you that day, you reflect on your emotions more clearly because you are now in an introspection mode. This in turn helps you to understand your deeper emotions which leads to self discovery.

Beaches are beautiful and they serve as a great form of therapy. If you don’t believe the above points, just step out of your house and visit a beach alone for at least an hour. You will be the results yourself.