Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Quit Gym Right Now

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5 Reasons Why You Should Quit The Gym

One of the most popular ways of losing body fat and extra weight in the 21st century is the gym. Gyms have become the new trend set in motion by fitness freaks. People who genuinely like to go to the gym and build muscular bodies are few, and those who go there for show and fun are many. It is popular belief that working out in the gym keeps you fit and healthy. However, this is a misconception. Working out in the gym is more harmful than beneficial. Here are 5 reasons why you should quit the gym right now:

1. Save Money:
Gym is a place where people go to use treadmills and go-nowhere cycles along with a few weights and machines. However, the results provided by these workout can be achieved for free anyway. You can walk to or from work, or go for morning walks in garden. You can buy a cycle instead and enjoy it in a park instead of in air conditioned room. As for machines and weights, they serve no extra-ordinary purpose that working out at home can’t do.

2. Once you join the gym, you are in it forever:
Believe it when people say that once you leave the gym, you see more bulkiness and weight gain than you were before you started. This is because gym workout increases your metabolism till the time you are working out regularly. However, once you stop, your metabolic rate goes back to normal, which leads to more food intake, less digestion and more fat deposition in the body. It is better to not get into that vicious cycle.

3. Workout at home is better:
Working out at home eliminates unnecessary competition and you can exercise at your own pace. Also, without the trainer hovering over your head to see what you’re doing and how, you will perform much better to your own satisfaction.

4. More time to go outside:
Once you are out of the gym, you are so exhausted, you barely have any time left to socialize. However, if you work out outside your house, in parks or gardens, you can make friends, socialize with them or even convince your friends to join you there. Working out with company and in open spaces is much more fun ad de-stressing than working out in the gym.

5. Higher chances of falling sick by going to the gym:
Many people go to the gym even when they are not well. There is a high possibility that you will be vulnerable to contract diseases and infections by using the same yoga mat, machines or inhale the germ filled air as done by the infected person. Thus, chanced of you falling sick more often by going to the gym are more than working out in the safety of your house.

Gym is a modern form of rings wherein people used to work out in olden days. However, public gyms now are doing more harmful than good to people today.