Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Support Gay/Lesbian Marriages

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5 Reasons to Support Gay or Lesbian Marriage

Very recently, The United States of America joined the list of countries that legalized gay/lesbian marriages. The passing of this law created an uproar all over the world, India being an exception. This decision has brought about tears of joy for many. While many people are still opposing this staunchly, the amount of people in favour of this law was much more than those against it. The #CelebratePride movement took Facebook by storm and the world celebrated equality along with USA and took pride in their progress. Sadly and unfortunately, the legalization of gay/lesbian marriages in India is yet to take form. To promote that cause, here are top 5 reasons why you should support gay/lesbian marriages:

1. Love:
Even God himself preaches love. We have been taught to love another unconditionally, irrespective of other things such as gender. And love is something beyond your control. No one can “decide” to fall in love, it just happens. So if a person prefers the same sex partner whom they love, why shouldn’t they be allowed to be together? Nobody can judge them for the person they are in love with.

2. Legal rights:
Imagine having no legal inheritance rights over your partner’s belongings, no say in their matters and being shunned down by their families if they fall ill or if they pass away. It is heart breaking and painful. But there have been cases of such incidents occurring with gay and lesbian couples because the families refuse to accept their sexuality. No one deserves that kind of sorrow and rejection.

All that this world seeks is equality. The world wars took place as a fight for power, but we all know how that went down. Just like politics, equality is important in everything, even marriage choices. Letting a person freely choose their partner for marriage is a matter of equality and they should not be stopped simply because of their sexual preferences.

4. They cause no harm:
Homosexual are ordinary people, just like anybody else in the room. Their sexual preferences do not make them a danger to society. If anything, homosexuals are known to be empathetic and loving, more than “ordinary” couples. If they pose no threat to the anyone in the society, there is no reason to shun or taboo them.

5. Personal Choice:
Every person is built differently and some characteristics and traits are inherent in us. Decades ago, homosexuality was listed as a psychological disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV-TR. However, this was soon recognized as a foolish error. Homosexuality only defines a person’s preference for a partner, and that is something inherent in people, it cannot be changed. After all, the heart wants what it wants.

Gay/Lesbian marriages should be legalized because it is okay to have a same sex partner, it is okay to love someone unconditionally and it is definitely okay to want to have the same legal rights and social recognition as the apparent “ordinary” couples enjoy.