Top 5 Signs for Men to Know if a Woman is interested in Them

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Signs a Woman Likes You

Women are complicated beings. You can spend a lifetime trying to figure out what they want, how they feel and what they mean, and you might still fail at it. Thus, if there is a woman who interests you, just talking to her will not get you anywhere close to finding out whether or not she reciprocates your feelings. And boy! Understanding if a woman is genuinely interested or if you have been restricted to the prison called ‘friend zone’ can be one confusing task. But, here are 5 signs that she is definitely interested, so look out for these before you make you move:

#5 Shestalks you on social media:
Well, social media is day by day becoming more and more stalker friendly. Now, once added to your list of friends or followers, you can stalk anybody and dig out information from five years ago too. So, if she brings up something you put up on Facebook a while back or likes an old Instagram picture, you know she has been stalking you. Moreover, it implies that she has been thinking of you lately, a sign of interest.

#4 She asks questions:
If a woman asks you questions, you must know she is interested. Now this doesn’t mean questions about life philosophies and general knowledge. However, if she asks questions about you in particular, such as your plans for the future, your likes and dislikes, your interests and hobbies etc. she is definitely interested.

#3 She maintains eye contact:
If she is really interested, she will meet your eyes more often than when she is not. Moreover, she will smile while looking into your eyes and look away a second later than normal eye contact. She will also blush when you catch her looking at you and look away instantly. Boy, if the woman does this, you know she is into you.

#2 She wants to meet you more often:
If she suggests plans to meet you for coffee or movies, she wants to spend more time with you. Meeting is sign of getting closer and getting to know you better. Also, if she wants to meet you alone more often than with friends, she is completely interested and there is no mistaking this sign.

#1 She makes a move:
When a woman is absolutely interested and willing to be with you, she will make a move. It can be a light touch on the arm or a longer hug than usual. If she is more upfront about it, she might even ask you out first. If she maintains close proximity with you and makes time for you by cancelling her plans, you know you’ve got her.

Although these are signs that a woman is interested in you, make sure both of you clear the air so there aren’t any misunderstandings, for sometimes, all a woman needs is a friend and not really a relationship.