Top 5 Signs That You Are A Creative Person

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What are the 5 Traits of a Creative Person?

There are many ways for us to know whether or not an individual is a creative soul or no. Creative people reflect creativity in almost every action. Their styles of speaking, grooming, working and many more thing go down to show their creative bent of life. Being a creative person is not everyone’s cup of tea, some work hard towards being creative while some are naturally gifted as creative men and women. There are several types of people existing in this big world. There are practical people, strict and disciplined people, fun loving people, emotional people and creative people. Of all these, creativity is always undermined and taken for granted. Because creativity is a form a change, it is not instantly accepted and thus, creative people have to struggle their way to recognition, money and appreciation. But the world needs creative people, for nothing new can come out of ordinary thinking. Here are top 5 signs which indicate you are a creative person:

1. Curiosity is your middle name:
You like to know things and increase your knowledge. You are constantly asking questions about everything to everyone. You like to know more about things previously unknown to you and you will research about things you don’t know. Basically, you dig for knowledge and you aren’t ashamed of it.

2. You find beauty in unusual things:
Unusual things which generally go unnoticed by most people, will catch your eye and you will appreciate it like the most beautiful work of art. A simple thing can hold more beauty in your eyes than the generically beautiful things. For example, you will like a fallen rose more than a bouquet of just bloomed ones because for you, that fallen rose died with grace and nothing is more beautiful than that.

3. You write about your experiences:
If you have the habit of carrying a notebook in your bag all the time, you know that you have ideas and hopes in your mind. This signifies that you seek inspiration and want to keep it in your records to revisit it in the future. After all an individual who pens down his experiences and notes them down in the most flamboyant language is someone who wants to break the monotony and learn something from each passing day.

4. Rejection doesn’t affect you anymore:
As an artist, i.e. writer, actor, performer, singer or painter, you dread rejection and un-appreciation in the beginning. Rejection kind of pulls you down and makes you and your skill feel dejected and wasted. This is very important for people to understand that creativity is not well understood by everyone and you simply need that one person who realises your skill and guides you the right way. However, nurturing the faith in your work, you take it in your stride to accept criticism and rejection, but still keep on trying.

5. You have a different taste in everything:
Most people find certain movies and music more amazing than you would agree with. However, you mostly never agree with their opinion and choice because yours is completely different from theirs. You like sensible movies and real music, you like classic books and would rather see a play than a movie. Thus, you end up believing others have poor taste in things.