Top 5 Signs That You Have Met Your Soulmate

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5 Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

According to Greek mythology, God first created a creature which had both the male and female counterparts attached to each other, with four arms, four legs, two heads, but the same body. However, fearing the power of this creature, God separated the male and female partners and thus, every single person today is looking for their perfect match, i.e., their soul mate. It is said that once you find your soulmate, the rest of your life automatically falls into place and everything suddenly seems crystal clear. But most of the time, we are so busy with managing our lived and scared of getting hurt, that we fail to recognize our soul mate even when they are right in front of us. Here are 5 signs you must look out for to realize you have found your soulmate:

1. You love each other’s flaws:
A crucial sign of having found your soulmate is when they know how flawed are and yet they love each of those flaws with the same intensity as they love your amiable qualities. It is only when you accept the person completely that the souls reach out to each other and connect at deeper level. Accepting each other’s mistake is the biggest decision between couples and also is the sign of strength, endurance and undying love for each other.

2. You have an unexplainable understanding for each other:
When you meet your soul mate, they just ‘get’ you, i.e. they understand what you are saying even without you having to say or explain anything. It is almost like they can read your mind and they echo your thoughts. When you meet the one for you, there is a natural telepathy which connects the two of you. This connection builds instantly and fills you with confidence and love for your partner.

3. You’re ready to take on the world:
When you come across your soulmate, your worries about the world vanish. It suddenly becomes unimportant if the world is with your or against you. Instead, now it becomes “us against the world” scenario, wherein you are ready to fight the world as long as your soul mate walks besides you. After meeting the right person, the world eventually fades and blurs out for you.

4. Feeling of security and protection:
Soul mates are meant to empower you, make you feel safe and protected. Thus, when you meet your soul mate, all your fears are chased away and you feel the warmth of their love spreading a protective sheath around you. Giving in to this warmth, nothing can stop you or harm you, so long as your soul mate is with you. Apart from your soul mate, you do not think anything or anyone can help you.

5. You cannot imagine life without that person:
People come and go in our lives, and we adjust to all of that. However, your soul mate will be the person that you cannot imagine your life without. It hurts even to think about how life would be if it were not for them. Also, life without them in it won’t have the same appeal. You will not think of your life and plans without your special one.

Finding your soulmate is catching lightning. However, once you do, there is no going back and your life will never be the same. So watch out for these signs, for you could have already met your soulmate.