Top 5 Signs You are an Egoistic Person

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Traits of an Egoistic Person

Man is a mix of emotions. Every individual has in him the feelings of love, care, anger, passion, sympathy and of course EGO. Out of all the feelings which man possibly breeds in himself, the most dangerous is the feeling of ego. Ego is a fragile little thing which causes a person to lose friends and romantic relationships. Egoistic people are those who let their vanity and pride be hurt so easily that they find it easier to let go of the person but not their pride. This leaves them alone and friendless in the long run. However, a little bit of ego is necessary, for people will take you for granted and walk all over you otherwise. Thus, you should know when to starve the ego and feed your soul, instead of doing the reverse. If you’re not sure about it, here are top 5 signs that can tell if you are an egoistic person:

1. Narcissistic Qualities:
If you are overly attached to yourself and love yourself to the point of narcissism, you are an egoistic person. It is only when you believe you are worthier than others are and your opinion should matter the most and that you should have the last word in everything, that you are inflating your ego.

2. Extreme Pride:
It is good to be proud of the person you are today, because you are one of a kind. However, if you believe in this so much so that you think others are beneath you and you are the greatest person, you are entering a narcissistic territory. Also, if you take credit for every little thing you do, to the point that you believe it wouldn’t have worked out without you, you are egoistic.

3. Very difficult to handle:
You are so difficult to handle, even by the people who love you because you let your pride get hurt so easily. Because let’s face it, no one is going to spend their lives trying to please you. If you get upset with others over petty things and expect them to make amends all the time, or you’re too proud to bend your ego and apologize for you mistake, you are difficult to handle and live with.

4. Stubborn:
If you refuse to budge from your opinion about anything, no matter how silly, inappropriate or wrong it is, you are too egoistic. Only an egoistic person would refuse to accept their faults and be open to change their opinion or beliefs.

5. Ability to insult anyone:
If it doesn’t take you a second more to think before you snap at or insult someone, you are most definitely feeding your ego. It is only when you think you are so much better than others, that you find it effortless and okay to insult someone else.

Ego, when shown in the right places can work wonders. However, if you let your ego win in the battle between ego and people, you will have nothing left but your ego when you will actually need people.