Top 5 Things Men Must Always Have in Their Wallets

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5 Things Every Man Should Keep in His Wallet

Women are let off easily when it comes to carrying things in their bags. Reason being, they carry big purses with them that can fit almost anything from their lipstick to their mobile phones, women have everything handy. Men, on the other hand like to be as light as they possibly can when they are going out. They obviously need no makeup, their hair only needs to be slicked back once, and they are set. With some cash in their wallets and a couple of other important things that easily fit into the wallet, men are good to go. Given below is a list of 5 things a man must have in his wallet at all times:

1. Cash:
Well, needless to say, you are only good to go if you have some cash on you. We are all in for gender equality, so no, cash is not important because you will have to pay for your female colleague or your date. Cash is extremely important to get you anywhere and everywhere. Restaurants, movies, camping, boys night out, work etc. – anywhere you go, you will have to pay for yourself at the least.

2. A Condom:
As obvious as it sounds, it really isn’t that obvious. Many men conveniently forget to carry condoms and face an awkward moment with their partner when the time to put it on arrives. Men as well as women seek carnal pleasure and there is no shame in that. However, protection is always strongly advised so as to avoid transmitting or contracting an STD. Moreover, if it is a one-night stand, you surely do not wish to impregnate her, right? Thus, a condom is a must-have for a man at all times.

3. Spare Key:
It is one of the most common phenomena to forget your keys inside the house and remembering it only after you have locked the house. Thus, carrying a spare key in your wallet ensures your safe journey through such a crisis situation. Having a spare key in your wallet at all times will also let you roam about freely as there never will be any problem in opening the door anytime in 24 hours. Just a small key would definitely not increase your wallet weight.

4. Your Lawyer’s Card:
More often than not, trouble comes knocking at your door only when you least expect it. So although you are the kind of person who seldom gets into trouble, it is important to have your lawyer’s business card handy, in case an unanticipated tragedy strikes at you.

5. Credit Card:
Last, but not the least, carrying a credit card is utmost important. In times when you run out of your handy cash that you always carry in your wallet, or maybe if you are falling short of cash, you don’t want to beg and borrow money from others as it might put you in an embarrassing situation. Thus, having a credit card on you is always recommended.

So men, keep these 5 important things in mind to carry with you at all times as these are your only saving grace.