Top 5 Tips for Controlling Anger Quickly

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Quick Ways to Reduce and Control Anger

Anger is a dark horse, which if untamed can run wild in your life and trample upon all your dreams, relationships and hopes. If you are a temperamental person who needs only a drop of a hat to throw you in a wild fury, you have anger management issues which you need to address to immediately. Besides that, if your temper, which you lose only sometimes, but is lethal to those around you, you must learn how to control your anger. Here are quick but effective tips to control your anger:

1. Take up a form of exercise:
According to Sigmund Freud, human beings use defence mechanisms to cope with their life issues. Of all the defence mechanisms, sublimation is the only healthy one. Sublimation refers to channelling your built-up energy into something more acceptable. In context of anger management, channelling all your anger and frustration into a physical exercise like dance, kick-boxing, martial arts or sports can serve a better purpose than venting it out on someone important in your life.

2. Take a moment to think before speaking:
Before you lash out your anger in spiteful words, pause for a moment and think about what you can say. If you want to get back at them only because they said something to you and it hurt your pride, a better way would be to walk away. Don’t use venomous words to spite someone because once spoken, you cannot take them back, and words leave deeper wounds than blades.

3. Express your anger after you calm down:
After you take a moment to think, calm yourself down first. Let the seething angry nerves relax and address your issues only when you are calm. You will be surprised at how easy it is to solve your problem when you are calm, rather than when you’re angry. Also, being calm helps to make more sound and workable decisions which is totally a contrast when it comes to take decision in anger.

4. Take a problem-solving approach:
Instead of blaming others or circumstances in your life and being angry about the unchanging scenario, take it upon yourself to change things. Anger has never helped anyone, even temporarily. So think of a solution to your problem, rather than focusing on the cause of your anger. Being angry simply wastes your time and energy and also hampers you from taking the right decision at the right time. After all, anger is the weapon of the fool.

5. Let go of things:
As difficult as it may sound, letting go is very difficult for an individual to do. The feelings of revenge and arguments sound better when compared to let go. However, people should not forget that in the time to come letting go is the only option which helps to get peace of mind. Sometimes, we tend to have residual anger within us, which we nurture by engaging in activities that feed that anger. This anger is rooting from something which is already done and dusted but we haven’t been able to let go of it. Let go of this residue because it is making you toxic and affecting your present relationships.