Top 5 Tips to Fight the Battle of Depression Alone

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5 Tips to Overcome Depression Alone

In the battle of life, an individual goes through several ups and downs. There are days of joy and happiness while there are also days of worry and sadness. Happiness depends a lot on the kind of environment an individual comes from. Perhaps, it is difficult to find happiness in the 21st century. There are several reasons to be happy and even more reasons to be unhappy. However, statistics prove something else. Recent studies have stated that 90% of people are unhappy today and there are many factors which contribute towards the rising trend of depression amongst people.

Depression is that kind of sadness that pushes you into the dark recesses of your mind and entangles you into it so tightly that you give in to it and allow yourself to be swallowed by the darkness. However, it is not a battle which cannot be won. With support or even determination and the will to fight it, once can emerge out of the darkness to see and embrace the light. Sure, it is difficult, but nothing worth achieving comes easy. And seeing the light again is definitely worth it. Here are 5 tips to help you fight the battle of depression on your own:

1. Exercise:
First and foremost, take up an exercise routine. Exercise releases endorphins in the body after work out. Endorphins are happy hormones which induce the feeling of being happy in the person. Thus, working out will help you get back in shape as well as make you happy.

2. Get a life:
Depression disrupts the structure of your life as well as your mind. So get your life back – get up early and go for work, meet other people and socialize, even though all you want to do this curl up in bed and watch sad movies. Snap out of the self-pity mode and get going. Make a routine for yourself and make plans daily, live up to it and treat yourself for that.

3. Maintain a proper diet:
Just because your mind is preoccupied, does not allow you to starve your body. Your body needs food and starvation will put you in an even bad place. So maintain a healthy diet and eat in regular intervals. More importantly, do not binge eat, instead, have a healthy dietary intake to nourish your body and stay healthy.

4. Counter question your negative thoughts:
Every time something negative about yourself comes to your head, counter question it by using or looking for logic behind those thoughts. When you find no logic or evidence to support your self-criticizing thoughts, you should push them away and give yourself the benefit of doubt to feel positive and feel better about yourself.

5. Take responsibilities and have fun:
Take on more responsibilities and keep yourself busy through the day. However, also try to have fun and take up activities that made you happy before you entered the dark tunnel. It is very difficult to have fun, but unless you try, you will never know how easy it really is.

Depression is a scary thing and only those plagued with it can understand the mental anguish it can put you through. However, once you decide to battle it, you have half won the fight already.