Top 5 Tips to Keep Viral Infection and Diseases at Bay

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How to Prevent Infections and Diseases

With changing seasons, multiple viruses and diseases find its way into our system. From viral flu to infectious diseases like jaundice and typhoid, anybody can be prone to contracting the disease or getting infected. There can be several causes of this, such as lower immunity, unhygienic lifestyle, close proximity with affected people etc. Thus, it is very crucial to take precautionary measures to keep yourself from being a victim of the viral infection or disease. Following are 5 tips you can follow to keep viral infection and diseases away from you:

1. Don’t share your personal belongings:
Even with your partner, refrain from sharing personal belongings like toothbrush, handkerchiefs, razors and towels. These are the most common medium of transmitting viruses to other people. it is not rude or unacceptable to not share these belongings, so don’t worry about that. People must remember that people should not mix unhygienic habits with love. Love and wrong habits are poles apart and nowhere seem to be related.

2. Get a precautionary vaccination:
Even though it may seem unnecessary, prevention is better than cure. Thus, get a vaccination against the common viruses regularly, and you will have nothing more to worry about. Vaccination is deceiving your body into believing it has the virus, so it will kick up its defenses and fight to keep the body safe. Thus, when the actual virus enters the system, your immune system is already ready to deal with it.

3. Keep your hands clean:
Our hands reach places and they brush over dust and dirt often, without our conscious knowledge. Thus, it is very important to keep your hands clean at all times. Wash them several times a day and keep a hand sanitizer handy in your bag. Even though it may seem like you will develop an OCD of it, it will be a good form of OCD.

4. Cover your mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing:
Whether you have the virus or no, always cover your mouth and your nose while sneezing or coughing. This prevents the bacteria in the snot or cough to be restricted t either your hands or your kerchief, instead of being spread in the air and infecting someone else.

5. Follow a healthy diet:
Right diet plays a major role in deciding how our health will react to the various changes in the season. Having a perfect balanced meal makes your immunity strong and also helps keeping you healthy irrespective of any viral in the air. Our diet can decide the strength of our immunity system. Thus, a nutritious and healthy diet will help strengthen your immunity whereas a junk and unhealthy one will make you more vulnerable to viral infections and diseases. Focusing more on home food can help you remain healthy always.

Being sick is a tiring thing to do and a small viral infection can also aggravate to become something worse and tiring. Thus, it is good to take preventive measures rather than treating it after.