Top Fashion Mistakes That Instantly Age You

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Top Fashion and Makeup Mistakes That Age You

It is needless to say that the fashion world is continuously evolving. Most of the people love to adapt contemporary fashion. It undoubtedly enhances beauty and personality if it is done in the right way. But as people should know about fashion, they should also be aware about the mistakes. Hair, teeth, nails, skin and clothing are all part of fashion. So, all these must be well groomed to look beautiful and charming. Below are listed some mistakes which actually add years to the age of a person instead of making one look youthful, beautiful and glamorous. Have a look at such 5 fashion mistakes.

1. Hair is an important part of the fashion scene. So it should be properly groomed. In the modern world, most of the young stars have a tendency to color their hair with chemical dyes. But it is a big mistake. Also never choose traditional hairstyles with modern outfit.

2. A pleasant smile attracts all. It depends on beautiful teeth. Suppose you adorn yourself with expensive ornaments and cosmetics, but your teeth are stained by tobacco or dotted with food particles. It totally ruins the effect of a beautiful appearance. Plus the consumption of tobacco is harmful both to looks and health.

3. Nails are also important. They should be periodically cut, filed and always kept clean. The color of nail polish should be chosen carefully. It will be a big fashion mistake if nails are dirty with odd looking nail polish.

4. Application of cosmetics like foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, concealer, compact etc. should be used judiciously. Otherwise, skin looks aged and it will turn out to be a great mistake. The experienced beauticians apply these cosmetics and make up with great care to improve one’s looks.

5. The dresses should be well tailored. Otherwise, they make one look odd and aged. So always wear well- tailored dresses according to the occasion.