Top Home Remedies for Dandruff, Best Natural Home Remedies

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Home Remedies for Dandruff

Dandruff is the most common and annoying hair problems that affect almost anyone. Stress, bad dietary habits and dirty hair are the most common reasons behind dandruff. Dandruff occurs when the skin starts to shed from the scalp and is different from ordinary dry scalps; it may also be accompanied by itchiness and redness.

What really causes dandruff?

Dandruff can be caused by a number of triggers, it can also be chronic. Other causes of dandruff could be skin conditions like Malasezia, head lice, over growth of fungus that causes infection and seborrheic dermatitis. Such conditions can only be kept at bay using special shampoos that target these skin conditions; you can also make changes in your diet by excluding all junk foods. Keep a separate comb and brush, wash them daily using soap and warm water. You can wash your hair with normal water as hot water aggravates the problem.

Dandruff may also be brought on by diet that has too much sugar, spices and salt, the only thing you can do here is to cut down the intake of these ingredients. You will notice a gradual improvement in the condition of your skin. Drinking plenty of fluids will also hydrate your skin. Some dermatologists recommend washing your hair on a daily basis, this will remove excess oil and dead skin flakes that contribute to the growth of Malassezia. If you fell that your normal shampoo is not working, you will have to change shampoos till you find the right one. The ideal shampoo should contain salicylic acid, ketoconazole, selenium sulfide and zinc pyrithione. These ingredients remove dead skin cells and prevent fungus from overgrowing.

Dealing with the itching:

To soothe an itching scalp, there are some home remedies that you can try. Lime contains salicylic acid, a natural exfoliating agent. Make a rinse with lime juice and water and rinse your hair after you have shampooed it. Other powerful ingredients like curd are also a good conditioning agent that can help get rid of dandruff; apply it on your scalp and hair and wash it out after an hour using a good herbal shampoo. This treatment has to be done twice a week. Henna is also another remedy that can cure dandruff and condition your hair. You can mix henna powder, curd, lemon, amla and tea powder into a fine paste and let it stand for twelve hour. Put this mixture in your hair and wash after an hour. You could also add your favorite hair oil for extra softness. Aloe vera is an anti fungal agent, try applying aloe vera gel directly on the scalp for half an hour and wash it out preferably with a shampoo that contains aloe vera.

Any agent that has strong anti fungal properties can help fight dandruff, things like tea tree oil, fenugreek seeds, neem and basil leaves can help control those white flakes from spinning out of control. Coconut oil and olive oil can also be used to control dandruff, try massaging the scalp with with either of these oils after they have been warmed and wash after an hour. Not only will the flakes disappear, your hair will look and feel softer.