Top Paying Jobs With An Associates Degree in Criminal Justice

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Highest Paying Careers in Criminal Justice with Associate’s Degree

Criminal justice is a field having different types of job opportunities if you have the idea of where to look. Some of the common ones are judges and police officers. Here the fact is, criminology is a vast field with various opportunities for everyone. It might not be the best source of six-figure jobs but it has few of them. Here are some of the highest-paying jobs that you can expect to get with a degree in criminal justice.

1. FBI Agents:
They have very hectic investigative jobs. Only the top members of law enforcement make it to this level where they get recruited as an FBI agent, even then it is not the guaranteed process. This might be the highest paying job from a degree of criminal justice but it doesn’t have the fast procedure. It is essential to have a criminal justice experience, law enforcement experience and the capability to pass the physical exams and strict background checks. All of this takes you to the FBI academy.

2. Lawyers:
It is one of the primary examples of criminal justice with high salary. These are span from the smallest claims to the largest national trials. The lawyers who are highest paid are the ones who work in a private sector, who charge a fee for their services like prosecutors or attorneys.No doubt, law school is not a joke. A simple bachelor’s degree in criminal justice is a lot more than the starting point of the school essential to pass the bar exam and become a certified practitioner.

3. Private Investigators:
The private detective life is more from the glamorous portrayals that you go through in the film. Most of the time of these investigators is spent working with law enforcement. They learn about the techniques of law enforcement to review records, examine the evidence, track down the criminals and interview guilty suspects. Most of the investigators start their career as an officer and later continue to work closely with law enforcement as a detective.

4. Judges:
Judges oversee the trials and make sure that the lawyers involved follow the strict guidelines and regulations in their field. They have the responsibility to make decisions in the courtroom, which also include verdicts in most of the cases. Most of the judges were attorneys before getting this position. Becoming a judge is not simple, as it needs appointment and nomination.

5. Intelligence Analysts:
When most of the people think about criminal justice, they think about FBI agents or officers. Intelligence Analysts is basically a job on the desk. They are adhering to gathering and analyzing the data to know about the potential risks and what techniques can be used to solve them. Most of them work for the FBI.

Bottom Line:
With so many options available, it is the best degree to go ahead. A degree in criminal justice might not guarantee six-figure jobs, but it can settle you well in life.