Top Things To Do in NYC in One Day

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What to Do in New York City in One Day

Did you ever experience that you have to travel a lot but have just one day in hand? If you have experienced that and failed miserably then we have the solution for you. And if the place is New York City then we have some very good places in our mind which we can suggest you travel in a day. These places are kind of a must-go if you went to New York at least once in life. We have listed the top 5 places where you can go in a day in New York City.

1. Statue of Liberty:
You have gone to New York and didn’t go to the Statue of Liberty then the whole trip is a complete waste. Statue of Liberty is the first place where you have to go if you have even one day on hand. This is a world-famous landmark in the USA. You can watch it from a fairy or from a park and the name of the part is Battery Park. And the speciality of this statue is you can watch it from every angle possible.

2. Central Park:
Central Park is a very famous path in New York and we I know about this Park from so many novels out there. It has some boathouses from where you can have a beautiful view of the lake and the part is spread around 843 acres are all total. There is also a zoo where you will find some endangered species to have a look at them.

3. Metropolitan Museum of Art:
Are you a person who love arts and culture? Then you must visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York if you have even one day. This is the place where you will find so many types of arts including African, Egyptian, and Roman, Greek or Ocean area. Also, they are arranging some nice events every month and the performances are really spectacular in nature. If you are thinking to visit some cultural place in a day in New York then you should visit this Museum for sure.

4. Brooklyn Bridge:
Whenever we think about New York, there is a famous architectural picture which comes in front of her eyes and that place is the Brooklyn Bridge. This is one of the oldest bridge in the USA and it has some nice historical significance also. The most interesting part of this Bridge is the prettiest tree and path in which you can take a stroll and enjoy the Skyline of New York peacefully. if you have one day in hand to travel New York then Brooklyn Bridge will give you the peace of mind you want away from the daily routine.

5. Time Square:
You came to New York and didn’t visit Time Square, it cannot happen. This is kind of an hub for all types of tourists. This is a very interesting part of New York which never sleep. And if you want a good place for shopping and some wine and dine then x square is the perfect place for you.